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Incredible Footage With The Inspire 2

Experienced filmmaker, Chris Boyes, has used the DJI Inspire 2 to capture incredible footage for the BBC and L’Oréal.

And he admits that the drone and its cinematic cameras rekindled his passion for aerial photography. It's easy to see why, looking at this incredible shot!

Having struggled to capture content from paragliders and small aircraft, the Inspire 2 was Chris' 'Eureka! moment' and his company, 5kdigitalfilm, was born.

The top clients - and quality aerial content - duly followed. 

Chris said: "The Inspire 2 is so flexible. You can shoot dolly shots or complicated crane shots in minutes that would usually take hours of setting up heavy equipment and cost the production thousands."

Chris chose heliguy™ as his drone supplier. He said: "I would like to thank everyone at heliguy™ for their support over the years. heliguy™ understands what most companies have failed to – that it’s not just about selling stuff, but a genuinely human and caring approach to every aspect of aftersales, service and support."

"The Inspire 2 and the X5S and X7 cameras have in no doubt brought with them great possibilities for effective, economical and flexible aerials in film production. The new Log and Gamut RGB colour space grade up brilliantly with the best of cinema cameras from Arri or RED, and the footage is as much at home in a commercial or feature film as it is in an epic nature documentary.”

Chris Boyes, 5kdigitalfilm

Outstanding Visuals For Netflix And WarnerMedia

This showreel, from Pivotal, shows the capabilities of the Inspire 2 with the X5S and X7.  

Indeed, film company Pivotal has used the drone and its cameras to shoot outstanding visuals for the likes of Netflix, WarnerMedia, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. 

Director of Film and Pivotal Co-founder, Phil Crothers, said: "As a filmmaker, drones have changed the environment completely and are an absolute necessity.” 

And at the very heart of Pivotal's operation is the Inspire 2 with the X5S and X7. 

Crothers said: "In terms of safety, operational capability and image capture, it is really hard to beat the DJI Inspire 2 drone with the X5S or X7 cameras.

"The X5S and the X7 for their raw capabilities, lenses and prime lens sets that you can use with them are very hard to beat in terms of bang for your buck, the image capture, the image capability and what you can get out of them.”

He praised heliguy™ for supporting the company, saying: "Heliguy has been instrumental from day one and the support they have given has been unquestionable. Whatever we have needed has come through when we needed it."

"The Inspire 2 has become the workhorse for us at Pivotal, especially with the X7 or X5S combination. It has proved itself to be outstanding in terms of resolution, bit-rate and data capture and the DJI lenses give you really stunning images. Thanks to this equipment, you are capturing footage that you really would have needed a heavy-lift before. In terms of safety, operational capability, image capture and the quality of the image, it is really hard to beat the Inspire 2 and the X5S/X7 cameras, and heliguy™ was instrumental in getting this system to us.”

Phil Crothers, Director of Film and Co-founder of Pivotal

Inspire 2 Performs In Tough Conditions

Oliver Sugars, of Leading Edge Films, deployed the Inspire 2 and X7 in an unforgiving desert environment to capture scenes for a National Geographic documentary in Jordan.

Encountering plenty of sand and intense heat along the way,  the equipment was pushed to its limits - but it delivered, and Oliver described the Inspire 2 and the X7 as a powerful combination.

"With some stick inputs, the Inspire 2 handled the wind well when in motion," he said.

Not only is the Inspire 2 a rugged and reliable aircraft, it is also a speedy drone - which can be essential for filmmakers. 

Oliver said: "The speed of the Inspire 2 came in handy when we were filming a fast-moving 4×4. I was able to do more than keep up, I could actually overtake, which added an extra dimension to the shots available to my director."

Oliver turned to heliguy™ to supply the equipment for the job, describing heliguy™ as his 'go-to UAV suppliers for a number of years'.

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