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DJI Osmo

The DJI Osmo is a range of handheld gimbals that will let you take incredibly smooth footage.

The Osmo is one of the most popular DJI products available - providing an amazing balance between quality and value.

The fact that it can be used with both Apple and Android phones means everyone can now take incredibly smooth video and stunning stills using an Osmo, Osmo+, Osmo Pro or Osmo RAW.

The Osmo Mobile provides a motorised gimbal that will help keep your phone incredibly stable while you shoot.

The graphic below gives you an overview of how each DJI Osmo is different.


How does the DJI Osmo work?

The Osmo is a 3-axis gimbal that will prevent your natural arm movements from shaking your video footage, even while moving!

This allows everyone to creat beautiful, professional looking video without the traditionally more expensive stabilisers.

The DJI Osmo series uses advanced stabilization technology, developed by DJI, which accurately responds to your movement.

Every Osmo part from the Osmo Mobile comes with a high quality camera, with or without a live feed through to your mobile device.

The live feed on your Android or Apple phone will help you capture the perfect image every time.

How the DJI Osmo Works

DJI Osmo Summary

The DJI Osmo is a revolutionary handheld stabilised video and stills camera. The Osmo carries the X3 camera - the same 4K video and stills camera used in the air on DJI's incredibly successful quadcopter, the Inspire 1. Even as a beginner you'll see how easy it is to create professional footage.

It has been upgraded though - it can shoot at 120fps in 1080 HD. It’s also black instead of white. The good news is that it will be compatible with DJI's new X5 and X5R micro four thirds, high resolution cameras, which can also fly on the Inspire.

The handheld Osmo with its 3 axis stabilisation will enable steady handheld video and stills.

It'll make panoramic shots and long exposures a reality in situations where they would have been really tricky in the past. The hand grip has a bracket to hold your smartphone so that you can control all of the camera's functions and monitor the picture through DJI's versatile GO app. The smartphone can also be used as a remote controller. There are also buttons and a joystick control on the handset and the unit comes with an integrated microphone with adjustable gain settings.

You can even connect your own mic using a standard 3.5mm socket. Accessories are available for mounting the Osmo on cars and bikes and for attaching extra kit including lights.

Suitable for:

    • Professional videographer use.
    • Wedding videos.
    • Filmmaking.
    • Vlogging.
    • Commercial Photographers.
    • Action Video. 

This versatile stabiliser can be used with iPads, iPhones and Android devices through the use of the app.

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Why Buy the DJI Osmo?

The Osmo is an amazing tool for photographers and videographers. It’s the first handheld camera to bring cinema quality stabilisation to the table.

The 3-Axis gimbal absorbs all the unwanted movement in your videos, helping you produce smooth footage in all kinds of environments.

The DJI Osmo can record in lots of resolutions, including 4K and a range of frame rates, from 24 to 120fps.

The Osmo gives you a joystick to control the camera too, making panning shots incredibly easy. Plus, the Osmo offers the ability to use your mobile device to control the camera through the DJI Go app.

As if that wasn’t enough, the built-in Panorama mode creates perfectly aligned panorama shots with ease.

The battery life on the DJI Osmo is around 60 minutes of video footage per charge. The higher capacity battery can increase this by around 15 minutes.

The Osmo Pro and Osmo Raw combos give you the power of the Zenmuse X5 or X5R cameras as well as all the technology included on the Osmo Handle and the DJI Go app. These combinations will give you professional quality footage wherever you are.

There are also a range of accessories for the DJI Osmo that will help you achieve the shots you want in any scenario. Add an external microphone, a tripod or a bike mount depending on the shots you need to capture. This flexibility makes the Osmo an amazing tool for amateur photographers and professional filmmakers alike.