iPhone and Android Stabilised Gimbals

DJI Osmo Mobile

Handheld Smartphone Camera Stabilisation from DJI


DJI Osmo Mobile

Portable smartphone camera stabilisation for iPhone and Android phones.

DJI Smartphone Stabilisation

The DJI Osmo Mobile range is a collection of electronically stabilised gimbals suitable for both Apple iPhones and Android smartphones.

DJI has brought their cutting edge stabilisation technology to the palm of your hand. 

This technology was pioneered to stabilise quadcopter and drone cameras, and refined as part of the DJI Ronin range for TV and film production.  

The Osmo Mobile range brings perfectly stabilised professional quality videos to the everyday consumer. 

Perfect for creating memories you'll never forget.

Lightweight, Foldable Design

The lightweight, ultra-responsive design stabilises your mobile phone camera in real-time, adjusting to your every movement so produce super-smooth cinematic footage.

Story Mode

Customise your video with a variety of templates, music, transitions and filters, and easily share your creations on popular social media and video platforms.

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