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Ronin 4D Cinema Camera

The DJI 4-Axis Cinematic Imaging System

The DJI Ronin 4D is a powerful solution for professional filmmakers and is the industry's first 4 dimensional cinematic camera system, with active Z-axis stabilisation to eliminate vertical camera shake.

Capture cinema-grade content through a compact combination of:

  • Full-frame Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera, with 8K or 6K capabilities;
  • 4-axis stabilisation system;
  • LiDAR focusing system;
  • Unrivalled video transmission and control system.

The DJI Ronin 4D makes cinema-standard production more affordable, cinema cameras more flexible, and cinematic imaging available to a boundless array of filmmakers.

It is available in 8K and 6K combos.

Ronin 4D Key Features

Designed for filmmakers and high-end content creation

  • CineCore 3.0 delivers internal 8K RAW codec with precise colour reproduction.
  • Zenmuse X9-6K supports up to 6K/60fps and 4K/120fps.Zenmuse X9-8K supports up to 8K/75fps.
  • X9 8K and 6K benefit from H.264 codec, Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW.
  • 4-Axis Stabilisation System: Innovative industry-first active Z-axis to eliminate vertical camera shake effectively.
  • ActiveTrack Pro for advanced and complex tracking shots.
  • LiDAR Range Finder provides sharper, faster, and more reliable focusing experience.
  • 4D Video Transmitter outputs a 1080p/60fps feed to remote monitors with a transmission range of up to nearly 20,000 feet.
  • High-Bright Remote Monitor integrates a wireless video receiver into a 1,500-nit, 7-inch monitor.
  • Lighter, smaller and more compact than other content creation solutions.
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