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DJI S1000 Spreading Wings Range

The S1000 is the top-of-the-range multi-rotor in the DJI fleet. It’s a high powered and stable octocopter which is ideally suited for the serious cinematographer and photographer who wants to fly with heavier cameras. Like the S900, it has a retractable undercarriage so that the view from your camera on the Zenmuse, Ronin-MX or Movi gimbal is an unrestricted 360 degrees. You also have the choice of two flight controllers – the A2 and the state-of-the-art A3. The addition of two more motors and props gives you more benefits than just an increased payload. You also gain with improved stability and responsiveness as well as the added peace of mind in the event of a motor or prop failure. The S1000+ weighs approximately 4.4kg but its maximum take-off weight is around 11 kg.

DJI S1000 with gimbal

Diversify Your Flying Experience

The beauty of the S1000+ is that you can customise this to your need, whether you are a TV camera man, a surveyor or a marine biologist, with each option dedicated to your industry.

If you’re intending to fly your S1000 commercially then you’ll have to make sure that your flight assessment qualification covers you for all aircraft under 20 kg.

The team at heliguy™ can build your rig to your own personal specification. You then have the option of a one day handover session during which you’ll be guided through the technicalities of your new aircraft before taking it for a test flight.

S1000 popular combo
GH4 Z15 for S900

Professional Camera Control

The range of gimbals that can be flown with the DJI S100 is:


  • Zenmuse Panasonic GH3
  • Zenmuse Panasnic GH4
  • Zenmuse Sony 5D
  • Zenmuse Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Zenmuse Sony Alpha A7S


  • MoVI M5 (BMCC, BMPCC, 5D, GH4, A7s)
  • MoVI M10 (RED EPIC, C100, 5D, FS100, A99, GH4, A7S)

You can buy every S100 compatible gimbal with heliguy™ in the UK.

Achieving professional aerial images, cinema quality footage or utilised within a commercial use case, the DJI Z15 series has enough functionality to appeal to a large amount of drone users.

Click here to view our full range of Zenmuse Z15 range.


DJI S1000 Downloads

DJI offer a number of downloadable resources for the DJI Spreading Wings S1000 range, including manuals and release notes:

S1000 from above

The Best Prices on the S1000 Range in the UK.

The S1000 is the stronger, faster, more stable version of the cost effective S900, but you still get the best value for money when you are looking to put bigger cameras in the air or if you prefer more for you money.

heliguy™ are able to build, rebuild and repair the S1000 with our on-site DJI repair centre.