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DJI Spark

A revolutionary mini quadcopter for beginners

DJI Spark

A revolutionary mini quadcopter

The DJI Spark is the latest consumer quadcopter from the market leader in drone manufacture. With tonnes of functionality packed into an aircraft that’s smaller than their popular foldable Mavic Pro

This affordable mini drone is aimed at hobbyists looking to have a great time with a solid platform.

Watch the introductory video to learn more.

A New Compact Design

DJI’s new Spark drone shares some similarities with its predecessor, the Mavic Pro, however, the static motor arms (with under-mounted LEDs), newly designed camera and more prominent sensor array give it a truly individual appearance.

You can shoot videos in 1080p and keep your aircraft safe with DJI's forward obstacle avoidance system and downwards visual positioning.

Whether you're looking for a drone as a first time user or shopping around for another affordable, highly portable solution to throw in your bag for a day of flying the DJI Spark offers plenty of functionality for a drone of its size.

DJI Spark Mavic Comparison

DJI Spark Gif

DJI Spark: Features & Functionality

Here’s what you need to know about the DJI Spark's suite of features:

    • Forward obstacle avoidance and underside visual positioning sensors
    • Gesture control for easy image capture
    • Micro SD slot and USB-C port in rear of aircraft
    • Front-mounted 2-axis mechanical gimbal with 1080p camera
    • A range of colours to make your Spark individual to you

Key Specifications

See below for the core specifications of the DJI Spark quadcopter:

    • Weight: 190g (without battery)
    • Visual Positioning: Downward
    • Obstacle Avoidance: Forward
    • Camera: 1080p video, 12MP stills
    • Ports: USB-C & Micro SD
DJI Spark Colours
DJI Spark Camera
DJI Spark Camera Features

The Spark has an amazing camera and gimbal, with an incredible amount of power packed into the tiny shell.

  • 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, bigger than the iPhone 7
  • Shoot 1080p video and 12mp stills
  • Large sensor gives acute light sensitivity and precise colour recording
  • Powerful lens
  • DJI's 'Ultrasmooth' technology to prevent rolling shutter effects and gimbal vibrations
  • Mechanical Gimbal for smooth, stable shots
  • f/2.6 wide-angle high-quality lens
  • 25mm equivalent focal length
  • Five piece construction
  • Range of ND Filters and other types of filters available

Intelligent Flight Modes

Don't think because the Spark is smaller than the Mavic or the Phantom 4 Pro that it doesn't have lots of the same functionality.

In fact, the Spark is perfectly suited to creative users and adds a host of intelligent flight modes.

  • ActiveTrack - The DJI Spark will follow a specific subject automatically.
  • TapFly - As seen on the Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Drones - simply tap your mobile device to get airborne!
  • Gesture - Includes both 'Dronies' (Drone Selfies) and PalmControl. Control your Spark with just the movement of your hands! No controller needed!
DJI Spark Gesture Control
Spark Quickshot Modes

DJI Spark Quickshot

The new Quickshot mode featured on the DJI Spark helps you get professional quality footage and stills with minimal effort.

You can produce cinematic quality video snippets with the tap of a button.

Quickshot currently offers these modes:

  • Rocket - Ascend with the camera pointing downwards
  • Dronie - Fly backwards and upwards, with the camera locked on your subject
  • Circle - Circle around your target
  • Helix - Fly upwards, spiralling around your subject

Spark Performance Features

The DJI Spark has very impressive performance given its small form factor:

  • Powerful Propulsion gives a 50km/h (31mph) top speed in sport mode
  • HD 720p transmission, through Wifi at a range of up to 2km
  • 16 minute flight time with a fully charged DJI Spark battery
  • FPV flight experience, especially when utilising the DJI Goggles
DJI Spark Performance

DJI Spark FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions

What's the difference between the Spark and the Mavic Pro?

The Spark is significantly lighter than the Mavic, but has lots of the same features. However, it also adds the Quickshot functions. The camera might be slightly lower spec on the Spark when compared to the Mavic, but it's still capable of producing excellent 1080p footage and 12mp stills.

If you're still not sure on the DJI Spark vs Mavic argument - read our blog post here.

Do I need the DJI Spark controller to use this drone?

It's by no means essential! There are a number of options, you can use your mobile device (iOS or Android) through the DJI GO4 app, with the Spark Remote Control or using the DJI Goggles.

Is the Spark waterproof?

No - as much as we'd like it to be, the Spark is not IP rated, and not waterproof.

What are the new functions available with the Spark's camera?

Shallowfocus and Pano functions. Panoramas can be taken horizontally or vertically. The Shallowfocus function creates shallow depth of field in your photos using 3D vision technology.

Can I use my Mobile to store the images and video from the quadcopter?

Yes indeed - the Spark can save it's images and video to either an onboard SD card, or to your mobile device.

What range does the obstacle avoidance have on the Spark?

This mini quadcopter can avoid obstacles 16ft (5m) in front of it, up to a maximum speed of 3 m/s.

Can I transport my DJI Spark with the propellers still attached?

The propellers on the Spark fold up, so there's no need to remove them before transporting your drone.

Can I fly my Spark in the wind?

The official word from DJI is that the Spark can "withstand wind speeds between 13 - 18mph".

Is there a lag in the live stream from the Spark to my mobile device?

The estimated latency during live transmission is 200ms. Various environmental factors can affect this though.

What is the DJI Spark Range?

If you're using your mobile device to fly, the transmission is over Wifi. Therefore the DJI Spark's maxmium distance will be 100m and maximum height will be 50m.

Using the remote controller, you can get a maximum of up to 2km (1.2 miles) depending on your region.

In the UK the remote control has a maximum range of around 500m (0.3 miles).

How do I charge the battery?

You can use the included USB cable to charge the Spark's battery, or use a charging hub to charge more than one battery at a time from the mains.

How long does it take to charge the battery for my Spark?

Using a USB charger, up to 80 minutes, or using the charging hub, it can go down as low as 52 minutes to fully charge a battery.

Is the Spark a Racing Drone?

No - DJI have officially classified it as a 'mini drone'. It's certainly fast enough - but we wouldn't classify it as a racing drone.

Where can I find DJI Spark Tutorials?

If you're looking for tips and tricks or guides about the DJI Spark, just check out our knowledgebase for a range of tutorials.

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