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Rent DJI Camera Drones one week at a time.

Rental DJI Avata Pro Combo


Rental DJI Avata Pro Combo

£99.00 per week

Rental DJI Avata Pro Combo


Rental DJI Avata Pro Combo

£99.00 per week

Rental DJI Avata Pro Combo


Rental DJI Avata Pro Combo

£99.00 per week

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Why heliguy™ Rental

heliguy™ rental changes the way you access the latest DJI drones and technology.

There are multiple benefits of renting, and our service is available to both commercial and recreational drone pilots.

  • Save Money: Significantly cheaper than purchasing the equipment outright.
  • Dynamic Scaling: Have the equipment only when you need it, without making a long-term hardware commitment.
  • Access The Latest Technology: Hire the latest equipment. When the technology changes, it doesn't negatively impact your company or drone programme - simply rent the newest gear.
  • Try Before You Buy: Test on a hire basis, before deciding to buy. 
  • Less Risk: Don't be lumbered with redundant kit or equipment you use infrequently - having paid a large sum to buy it. This also ensures you do not suffer depreciation of your assets.
  • Stress-free Rental: Each rental drone benefits from regular service intervals. If you do crash the drone, don't panic - faults and repairs are outsourced back to us.

Drone Rental FAQs

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Do I need to pay a deposit when I rent from Heliguy?

Yes, you do.

A £99 deposit is required on all drone rentals. 

The deposit will be refunded upon safe return of the aircraft, which includes the upload of flight data from the specific rental period.

This is to comply with UK CAA regulations.

Rental Information
4 Step Rental Process

Choose Your Equipment

We offer a range of rental equipment, including drones, payloads, batteries, and other items.

This enables you to dynamically scale your operations on a risk-free, cost-effective short-terms basis, tailoring the equipment to suit your needs.

All you need to get started is to pick your rental equipment.

Choose Dates

You’ve selected your equipment. Now it is time to say how long you want it for.

Our rental packages are available to hire in weekly slots, but you can rent the equipment across multiple weekly blocks, where available.

We've adjusted our rental offering and removed the variable time periods to reduce admin time and cut the cost of your rental bundle. Our new prices for weekly hire periods give you substantially better value than our previous daily rates.

As long as your rental package is processed by 1pm (including documentation), we can ship your equipment by next-day courier, Monday to Friday.

Upload Documentation

Before you rent equipment from us, you will need to upload some important documentation

This is based on having the right drone training qualification and UK drone registration requirements - where applicable - and a suitable insurance policy in place, which needs to be submitted to us.

You will also be required to complete a two-step identification process: Supplying a copy of your driving licence or passport, as well as a copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement which matches the shipping address.

Please check the box to confirm you have the required documents and use the forms to upload them directly to the site or Click here to learn more and get the relevant documents.

Pay £99 Deposit (Refundable)

Each heliguy™ drone rental requires a £99 deposit, refunded upon safe return of the aircraft.

As part of this, heliguy™ must be able to upload the relevant flight data from the specific rental period.

heliguy™ is obliged to maintain flight data records following changes made by the CAA. It is the customer's obligation to fill in the flight records via the google form which will be sent on delivery of the drone rental package.

Pilots who rent drones from heliguy™ are able to remove any captured data from the aircraft before returning, but flight data must be maintained in order for the deposit to be refunded.

Get Equipment

Your equipment will be dispatched by next-day courier to your address.

When it comes to returns, we offer collections for all rentals.

Delivery and collection fee will be quoted to you before you confirm your booking.

Returning Your Equipment

Repackage all of your rental equipment before 9am on the day of return, ready for DPD courier collection. Collection will be from the location agreed prior to the rental. Any changes, please contact heliguy™ as soon as possible.

Customers are responsible for removing all information from controllers, memory cards / internal storage and logs prior to returning equipment to heliguy™.