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      31 products

      Drone Rental with Heliguy

      Hire DJI Equipment Today!

      Why Use the™ Drone Rental Service

      How can a drone hire from™ help your business?

      Primarily people come to Heliguy with a request to rent equipment when they need a drone for a short period to help out with a shoot, but don't actually need to purchase the drone to use long term

      Maybe you've been tasked to take a breathtaking shot of a city skyline, map out a plot of land, or even inspect wind turbines or buildings but don't have the equipment to do so.

      We have got you covered.

      With Heliguy's Drone Hire, all you need to get the project set in motion is your PfCO and valid insurance to cover yourself and the equipment when out on the job.

      How does Heliguy's Drone Rental Service Work?

      There are four easy steps to renting a drone or accessories from™.

      1. Choose the kit and any extras you need using this form.
      2. Select the dates you will be renting the equipment from and until.
      3. You sign our rental agreement and upload proof of PfCO, GVC or A2 CofC.
      4. Equipment is dispatched by next-day courier to your address.
      Renting extra equipment means you'll be able to charge more for your services, or offer additional services, without the large upfront cost of buying more kit outright.

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      Which Drones can I Rent?

      Heliguy can offer a wide range of equipment for hire, with the range expanding with demand.

      Don't forget - you can always request a custom bundle of drones and equipment.

      We'll do whatever we can to make sure you can access the kit you need.

      Drone Rental Periods

      Heliguy offer daily, weekly or monthly rentals of drones and accessories - the longer-term your rental, the more you'll save!

      Drone Hire FAQs

      Commonly asked questions about™'s drone hire service.

      Do I need a PfCO, A2 CofC of GVC to rent a drone from Heliguy?

      Yes - to ensure the safety of the pilot hiring the equipment, Heliguy require proof that you personally, or your business, hold a current, valid PfCO.

      Is insurance included in the price of a rental?

      No - You will need to provide your own valid insurance policy that covers hired in goods and specifies drones. Providers like Coverdrone can offer you this kind of cover on an annual or ad-hoc basis.

      You also need to factor loss of hire costs in the event that Heliguy is unable to hire out the equipment to other clients as a result of damage caused.

      Can I get credit for purchasing equipment after a rental period?

      Yes - If you hire a drone with Heliguy then decide that you'd like to purchase one for your own use, then we'll offer a discount on the full purchase price of a new unit.

      Do I have to pay to return equipment?

      Delivery and collection is £25 + VAT and will be added to your rental quote.

      Can I use a hired drone for commercial operations?

      Of course! Heliguy's drone rental programme allow you to hire extra equipment for commercial operations, from a single Phantom 4 Pro for a specific shot, to a complex Inspire 2 bundle for a month-long shoot.

      What is the excesses if I damage the equipment?

      This depends on your own insurance policy - a typical excess for a commercial drone policy from Coverdrone is £250 for equipment claims.

      Do I need public liability insurance to hire a drone?

      Yes - our terms and conditions of hire state that you must have valid aviation insurance to comply with EC Regulation 785/2004, together with such other insurance as we may from time to time consider reasonably necessary and advise to you.

      What is the lead time for booking?

      Heliguy can ship items out up to 2pm Monday to Friday for next day delivery.

      However, we advise checking well in advance to ensure that the equipment required is available.

      First time renters will need to complete and application form and undergo a background check - this can take up to 2 working days.

      What do I need to rent from Heliguy?

      You will need a copy of your insurance, a utility bill for the address the equipment is being shipped to and a photo ID.

      In exceptional cases we may also require professional references.