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    61 products

    61 products

    Why Use the heliguy™ Drone Rental Service?

    heliguy™'s drone hire service changes the way you access drones, and is available to commercial and recreational pilots.

    There are multiple benefits of hiring a drone from heliguy™. These include:

    • Save Money: Significantly cheaper than purchasing the equipment outright.
    • Dynamic Scaling: Have the equipment only when you need it, without making a long-term hardware commitment.
    • Access The Latest Technology: Hire the latest equipment. When the technology changes, it doesn't negatively impact your company or drone programme - simply rent the newest gear.
    • Try Before You Buy: Test on a hire basis, before deciding to buy. 
    • Less Risk: Don't be lumbered with redundant kit or equipment you use infrequently - having paid a large sum to buy it. This also ensures you do not suffer depreciation of your assets.
    • Stress-free Rental: Each rental drone benefits from regular service intervals. If you do crash the drone, don't panic - faults and repairs are outsourced back to us.

    How does Heliguy's Drone Rental Service Work?

    There are five easy steps to renting a drone package from heliguy™.

    1. Choose the equipment you would like to hire with heliguy™.
    2. Select the dates from the live availability selector on our website.
    3. Upload any relevant documentation that is needed for the rental - including proof of Flyer ID and any relevant drone training certificates, such as A2 CofC and GVC - and obtain an insurance policy (we recommend Coverdrone) if you don't have one. You will also need to supply identification to verify your identity and shipping address.
    4. Check out with your rental basket to confirm your booking.
    5. Receive the equipment in time for your hire period.

    Which Drones can I Rent?

    heliguy™ offers a wide range of equipment for hire.

    Our special packages, such as the M300 RTK rental combo, include what you need to enhance mission efficiency and success.

    Depending on the drone, you can add sensors and other accessories to tailor your rental package.

    We'll do whatever we can to make sure you can access the kit you need.

    Drone Rental Periods

    Our rental packages are available to hire in weekly slots, but you can rent the equipment across multiple weekly blocks

    We've adjusted our rental offering and removed the variable time periods to reduce admin time and cut the cost of your rental bundle. Our new prices for weekly hire periods give you substantially better value than our previous daily rates.

    As long as your rental package is processed by 1pm, we can ship your equipment by next-day courier, Monday to Friday.


    Drone Hire FAQs

    Commonly asked questions about heliguy™'s drone hire service.

    Do I need drone training to rent a drone from heliguy™?

    Yes, to ensure the safety of the pilot hiring the equipment, heliguy™ requires proof of your training certificates, such as the A2 CofC or GVC, if you are flying for commercial reasons. If you are flying recreationally, we will not need to see your training certificates.

    Is insurance included in the price of a rental?

    No - You will need to provide your own valid insurance policy that covers hired in goods and specifies drones. Providers like Coverdrone can offer you this kind of cover.

    You also need to factor loss of hire costs in the event that Heliguy is unable to hire out the equipment to other clients as a result of damage caused.

    Can I get credit for purchasing equipment after a rental period?

    Yes - If you hire a drone with Heliguy then decide that you'd like to purchase one for your own use, then we'll offer a discount on the full purchase price of a new unit.

    Do I have to pay to return equipment?

    There is a small charge for delivery and collection, depending on the rental package you choose. This will be added to the cost of your rental package.

    Can I use a hired drone for commercial operations?

    Of course! Our drone rental programme allows you to hire extra equipment for commercial operations.

    Do I need public liability insurance to hire a drone?

    Yes - our terms and conditions of hire state that you must have valid aviation insurance to comply with EC Regulation 785/2004, together with such other insurance as we may from time to time consider reasonably necessary and advise to you.

    What is the lead time for booking?

    As long as your rental package is processed by 1pm, we can ship your equipment by next-day courier, Monday to Friday.

    You can also book your slot in advance, and you will receive the equipment ready for your period of hire.

    Please allow one day to bring all paperwork together.

    What do I need to rent from Heliguy?

    You will need a copy of your insurance, a Flyer ID, and relevant training documentation. You will also need to provide a copy of your passport or driving licence to confirm your identity, as well as a recent utility bill or bank statement matching the shipment address. All documents are stored securely, and not distributed to third-party companies in line with Cyber Essentials. 

    What is the excesses if I damage the equipment?

    This depends on your own insurance policy. Please consult your insurance documents.

    How do I return my heliguy™ rental?

    A courier will be sent to collect the rental package from the delivery address on the final day of your rental - you should have the rental package ready to hand over to the courier when they arrive.

    The courier will contact you when they arrive to collect the parcel.

    If you need to change the collection address from somewhere different than the delivery address, we must be informed 24 hours before to arrange this.

    Are there any limitations applied to heliguy™ rentals?

    heliguy™ cannot ship rental packages outside of the UK, or to shared accommodation or accommodation with shared entrances.

    Please contact us if this describes your circumstances and you would like to discuss alternative arrangements.