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Drone Sensors and Gimbal Payloads

Thermal, Zoom, Multispectral, NDVI, LIDAR sensors for Enterprise Applications.

What are Drone Sensors?

A drone sensor is simply any kind of data-collection sensor that's been designed for use with drones.

Most DJI Drones already come equipped with an RGB sensor (camera to you and me) - but this visual sensor just scratches the surface in terms of the data collection that can be achieved with a drone.

DJI have pioneered a number of different gimballed sensors that have driven the commercial drone industry forward, including zoom and thermal sensors that are commonly used by inspection companies, in agriculture and by public safety bodies, among others.

Our R&D arm - heliguy™ Lab also lets you create custom sensor integrations for drones, allowing you to take the ground-based sensors you're already using into the skies to improve safety, data accuracy and speed.

heliguy™ Lab for Custom Drone Sensors

If you need a custom drone sensor produced - our heliguy™ Lab team can help.

We've been involved in integrating sensors onto DJI drones for a range of applications:

  • Drone Gas Sensors
  • Agricultural Drone Sensors (NDVI)
  • Custom LIDAR Sensors
  • Specialist FPV Camera Setups
  • Multi-sensor Setups for Surveying

So if you need a specific sensor incorporated with your aerial platform to improve data accuracy, collection speed or coverage area - please don't hesitate to let us know.

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