Mavic Air 2 Landing Gear + LED Headlamp Kit

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PGYTECH Monitor Hood for Smartphones

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£7.70£11Save 30%

PGYTECH Mavic 2 Zoom Accessory Kit

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PGYTECH Filter for Mavic 2 Zoom MRC-CPL Professional


£8.99£25Save 65%

PGYTECH Filters for Mavic 2 Zoom - ND128, 256, 1000

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PGYTECH Handheld Mavic Air Grip and Tripod

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£24.99£50Save 51%

PGYTECH Filter for Mavic 2 Zoom HD-ND4 Professional

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£7.99£23Save 66%

PGYTECH Filters for Mavic 2 Pro - ND128, 256, 1000

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£39.60£80Save 51%

PGYTECH Filter for Mavic 2 Zoom MRC-UV Professional


£6.99£20Save 66%

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Capture perfect pictures with neutral density (ND) Filters for a variety of drones, gimbals and cameras.

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Do more with your DJI Drone

PGYTECH's range of innovative drone accessories enables you to do more with your aircraft in imaginative ways.

For example, this Mavic Air Handheld Tripod allows photographers to strap their aircraft to the rig for a handheld camera solution, while utilising the Mavic Air's smart stabilisation features and shooting modes.

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