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Fully-managed drone programs for international operations

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Trusted by Oil & Gas Majors, Mining Corporations and the AEC industry.

heliguy™ is one of the world’s largest drone companies, supporting and supplying enterprise UAS programmes across the globe.

Our portfolio of international clients includes oil and gas majors, utility companies, AEC organizations, mining corporations and first responders.

We offer a managed service from the UK.

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Why Choose heliguy?

Why international drone programmes choose heliguy™

  • Global Logistics Network
    With IATA certification - allowing us to globally ship high-power drone batteries by air - our global logistics network has enabled us to deliver drones all over the world, including Africa, the US and Middle East. This is essential for empowering and facilitating international and transborder drone programmes.
  • Free Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer
    Free consultancy is built into every heliguy™ account. We use our two decades of industry experience to find the best solution for each enterprise client. Dip into our vast knowledge pool to learn about proof of concept, case studies, and best practices.
  • Managed End-to-End Service
    Benefit from a dedicated account manager. Our one-stop-shop industry approach is designed to support every step of a drone program, from start-up to scale, including in-house technicians and training team. Our Drone Assistive Program supports multinational organisations, empowering internal drone programs with industry-tailored training.
  • Drone Agnostic
    heliguy™ is a leading DJI partner. However, we are drone agnostic, and with a global network of industry-leading technology, we will find the best solution for your needs.
  • Counter Drone Technology
    We specialise in drone defense and are the only DJI AeroScope partner with the permission to supply globally. We have provided drone defense solutions to major airports, sporting events, public safety teams, and to protect other critical infrastructure. We can use this experience to assist you in protecting sensitive airspace.

Vast Enterprise Drone Inventory

Empower your workflows.

heliguy™ has a vast stock inventory of drones and payloads to empower enterprise UAS programmes.

This includes Universal DJI drones, which enable seamless operations across different countries and are particularly suited to multinational organisations and drone service providers.

Our track record of international supply, coupled with our network of industry partners, ensures we can facilitate global drone delivery.

The heliguy™ enterprise stock inventory includes, but is not limited to, the solutions highlighted below:

Matrice 300 RTK

DJI's most powerful commercial drone platform.

M2E Advanced

Compact drone for thermal, visual and zoom data.

Phantom 4 RTK

An all-in-one, low-altitude,
dedicated mapping solution.

Agras T30

Powerful and high-capacity spreading and spraying drone.

Inspire 2

Ultimate professional drone trusted by filmmakers.

Zenmuse H20T

Quad-sensor solution for mission efficiency and versatility.

Zenmuse P1

High-resolution, full-frame photogrammetry camera.

Zenmuse L1 LiDAR

Cost-effective plug-and-play LiDAR sensor.

Zenmuse X7

Super 35 camera for stunning cinematic content.


We hold a wide range of commercial, industry and service based accreditations and awards.

QMS Certified
FCA Certified
Achilles Certified
CPD Certified
DJI Enterprise Gold Dealer Status

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