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DJI Agras Drone Spraying Course

DJI Agras Drone Spraying Course

Combined General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) and DJI Agras Spraying Training

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DJI Agras Drone Spraying Course

The DJI Agras Drone Spraying Course is delivered in partnership between enterprise UAS specialist heliguy™ and agricultural experts Drone Ag.

This multi-day training course helps pilots achieve the UK CAA-approved GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate) and enables them to competently operate DJI Agras aircraft.

DJI Agras is an automated drone series for targeted spraying - particularly useful for precision agriculture and covering varied and uneven terrain. It also increases efficiency: A drone with a 30-litre tank can cover around 10 hectares an hour.

Drone spraying is an emerging trend in the UK. This course helps farmers get familiar with drone spraying technology and set the foundations for future developments in the sector.

Spray drones can also be used for other applications, such as targeted disinfection, and landscaping.

Drone Spraying Course: Learning Outcomes

The course covers a breadth of modules to ensure you can operate DJI Agras safely, effectively, and legally. The syllabus includes:

  • GVC drone training, including flight safety, UK laws/regulations, and practical flying and theory;
  • Chemical mixing and handling, including licensing, techniques, and disposal;
  • Agras kit review, including spray tank and spreading module;
  • Manual practice flight with DJI Agras drone;
  • DJI Agras specific functions and applications, including varied and uneven terrain;
  • Setting up the D-RTK 2 base station.

The course is delivered on location at Drone Ag’s agricultural premises in Northumberland, providing the perfect backdrop for application-specific learning.

The GVC part of the course is delivered by the heliguy™ drone training team, while the DJI Agras training will be delivered by Drone Ag, who are agricultural specialists with vast experience of deploying the platform and have developed the Skippy Scout crop scouting app for drones.  

Following successful completion of the course, candidates will require an OSC (Operating Safety Case) to conduct spraying/spreading and/or to operate the larger Agras drones (T30/T40). heliguy™ has an in-house OSC consultancy to help prepare submissions.

If candidates want to spread regulated substances for agriculture, they will require HSE approval.

DJI Agras Applications

Precision Agriculture

DJI Agras can be deployed for efficient, cost-effective and precision aerial spraying/spreading, helping to boost agricultural productivity.

It can apply fertilisers, seeds, and feed, and enables variable spreading to reduce fertiliser use while increasing yield.

DJI Agras can be used as part of an agricultural drone workflow: A multispectral or scouting drone can survey/map your field to highlight problem areas, and then DJI Agras can conduct targeted spraying to alleviate these issues.

This workflow, including how Drone Ag’s Skippy Scout app can be used to benefit crop scouting, will be covered during the course.

Public Safety

The DJI Agras can be used for public safety. It is particularly effective for firefighters, used to spray water to tackle fires.


The DJI Agras can be an effective tool for landscaping, spraying water to help maintain lawns, gardens, and other landscapes, such as golf courses.

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