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DJI Agras T25 Atomised Sprinkler System

DJI Agras T25 Atomised Sprinkler System

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DJI Agras T25 Atomised Sprinkling System     

Introducing the T25 Atomised Sprinkler Package, an innovative upgrade for the T25 aircraft spraying system. With this package, the T25's spraying capabilities are expanded from two to four sprinklers, while achieving a maximum flow of 24 L/min.

This enhancement enables precise and extensive spraying, making it ideal for covering smaller areas with efficiency.

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Product specification

DJI Agras T25 Atomised Sprinkler System

Specification Value
Atomised Sprinkling System
Compatible Aircraft Agras T50
Sprinler Model LX8060SZ
Sprinkler Quantity 2
Nozzle spacing 50 - 500 μm
Maximum Effective Spray Width 4-11 m (relative working height 3 m)

What's in the Box

DJI Agras T25 Atomised Sprinkler System

Atomised Sprinkler and Spray Lance Module x2

Front Sprinkler Composite Cable x2

U-Shaped Elbow x2

T-Shaped Connector and One-Way Valve Module

Frame Arm Bellows Hose x2

Spray Lance Adaptor x1

Motor base Stopper x1

Hose Clamp x1

Screw nut x4

Thumb nut x2

Screw package x1