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DJI Terra

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Full Description

DJI Terra

Fast and accurate drone surveying software package.

How DJI Terra Can Help You

DJI Terra is a drone mapping software package, perfect for automating flight routes and building detailed 2D maps and 3D models for actionable surveying insights.  

A new update has made Terra more efficient and accurate than ever before.

Three versions are available for DJI Terra - Basic, Pro, and Electricity - offering a suite of mapping software capabilities and allowing operators to choose the best platform for them.

Aerial surveyors can also select different licence options, including the length of the contract and the number of bound devices.  

DJI Terra is available to purchase through™ - a trusted DJI partner providing drone supply and support to surveying companies around the world.  

The key features of DJI Terra are:           

  • Drone Mission Planning: Create efficient flight paths and automate complex missions.
  • Data Acquisition: Collect and centralise drone data.
  • Area Mapping: Create 3D maps from selected areas.
  • Data Analysis: Obtain key insights about your site or structure, such as distance and volume.

DJI Terra Data Sets

Use The DJI Ecosystem For An End-to-End Aerial Mapping Workflow.

These exclusive data sets created by heliguy™ show the qualities of DJI Terra as a software processing tool.

We collected the data using the DJI Zenmuse P1 photogrammetry camera and DJI Zenmuse L1 LiDAR and RGB payload, both integrated with the DJI M300 RTK drone.

Our data sets highlight the capabilities of using the DJI ecosystem for an end-to-end drone surveying workflow.

DJI Terra For Photogrammetry

Using the DJI Terra, P1, and M300 RTK combination:

  • DJI Terra produced sharp and realistic 3D models, with clear and intricate details;
  • The 2D orthomosaic was just as crisp - even enabling us to count the number of holes in bricks on the ground when zooming in to the map, taken from 80m flight height; 
  • Easy-to-use measurement and analysis tools, such as surface area and volume calculations, and coordinates; 
  • DJI Terra is a locally-based software, so no photo upload was required. Uploading only comes into play when working on a cloud-based platform. It took us just over eight hours to process 390 images.

DJI Terra For Drone LiDAR

Using the DJI Terra, L1, and M300 RTK combination:

  • Rapid processing - it took us just three minutes to process data from a 30-minute mission;  
  • Terra created a robust point cloud model, which would have been even more defined with a reorientation of the gimbal;
  • DJI Terra helped to identify intricate details on the survey site, such as powerlines.
  • Terra supports a range of colour modes, including visible, reflectivity rate, and return numbers.

DJI Terra - what is available?

Select between Basic, Pro, and Electricity

Choose The Best Licence For Your Needs

There are three different options when buying DJI Terra: Basic, Pro, and Electricity.

All three licences offer a range of drone software benefits, including the ability to build 2D maps and 3D reconstructions and complete real-time mapping.

The Pro version has all the features of the Basic, but also has the ability to allow processing of Ground Control Points (GCPs). 

The Electricity package has all of the functions of the Basic and Pro, but has extended capability to provide new optimisations for powerline modelling, helping enterprise users create detailed 3D reconstructions of thin powerlines.

All of the differences between the three licences are outlined below.



(Online Version)


(Online and Offline Versions)  


(Online and Offline Versions)

Real-time 2D mapping

Agricultural Application

KML File Import

2D Reconstruction (Field)

2D Reconstruction (Urban)

2D Multispectral Reconstruction 

Output Coordinate System

ROI Reconstruction


Image POS import

Multi-GPU Reconstruction

3D Reconstruction

3D Mission Planning

3D Point Cloud Rendering


Electricity Application

Detailed Inspection