DJI WB37 Intelligent Battery

DJI WB37 Intelligent Battery

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The versatile WB37 battery has excellent discharge performance at low temperatures and charges quickly.

It is compatible with:

  • DJI RC Plus
  • DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor
  • DJI Video Transmitter
  • DJI Video Receiver
  • CrystalSky
  • DJI D-RTK 2 High-Precision GNSS Mobile Station
  • Cendence Remote Controller

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Product specification

DJI WB37 Intelligent Battery

Capacity: 4920 mAh
Voltage: 7.6 V
Battery Type: LiPo
Energy: 37.39 Wh

What's in the Box

DJI WB37 Intelligent Battery

WB37 Battery x 1