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DJI Zenmuse H30T.
DJI Zenmuse H30T.
DJI Zenmuse H30T.

DJI Zenmuse H30T Drone Payload

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DJI Zenmuse H30T

The DJI Zenmuse H30T is a flagship multi-sensor payload integrating five modules: Wide and zoom cameras with night vision, NIR auxiliary light, a laser rangefinder, and thermal camera.

It is an all-weather (IP54-rated) payload and can be used with the DJI M350 RTK and DJI M300 RTK (with the DJI RC Plus).  

The H30T has a 1280 x 1024 @ 30fps thermal sensor, as well as a 48MP wide-angle camera, a 40MP zoom camera with 34x optical zoom and 400x max digital zoom. The wide and zoom cameras support night scene mode.

The H30T also features a laser rangefinder with 3,000m measurement range, and an NIR auxiliary light.

Key Features Of DJI Zenmuse H30T 

  • Upgraded Thermal Sensor: 1280 x 1024 resolution - improved by 4x. 32x maximum digital zoom. Supports zoom and infrared and a simultaneous split-screen display. 
  • Improved Visual Zoom Camera: 400x digital zoom and 34x optical zoom with 40MP zoom camera, with optimised stabilisation.
  • Wide-angle Camera: 48MP 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor. Maximum video resolution of 3840 x 2160 @ 30fps. 
  • Laser Rangefinder: Enhanced range of 3-3000 m at an accuracy of 0.2 m under 500 m and 1m over 500 m. 
  • NIR Auxiliary light: Light up dark environments up to 100 metres away using NIR bands. These bands detect infrared vibrations (invisible to humans) within 850 meters by capturing their overtones and combinations of absorption bands.
  • Detect Details: The H30T has a superior observation effect on target details 700m away compared to the H20 Series. 
  • Multi-Touch Gesture: Easily manage the camera features of the H30T using the touchscreen settings on the DJI RC Plus Controller, enabling straightforward user navigation to access its advanced camera settings
  • Night Vision: Activate night mode with the H30T options of full-colour or black-and-white to achieve higher clarity and accuracy at night and in dark places. 

H30T Thermal Camera

The H30T has an upgraded thermal sensor, to help you capture better quality infrared data.

  • 1280 x 1024 Infrared Resolution: The thermal camera has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 - which is 4x better than the H20T. It also has 32x digital zoom. At higher zoom levels, the Zenmuse H30T automatically activates a UHR (Ultra-High Resolution) Infrared Image function, ensuring the infrared images remain clear.

  • High-Res Mode: H30T supports three infrared gain modes. High Gain mode provides precise temperature measurements; Low Gain mode enables a wider temperature range; and the new High-Res mode is ideal for observing objects, people or animals with small temperature differences.

  • Visual and IR Cameras Simultaneous Zoom: The zoom and thermal cameras support Link Zoom - which scales the RGB and thermal images in tandem to maintain the same viewpoint.

  • Wide Temperature Range: Use the infrared density filter (available separately) to measure temperatures up to 1600°C - which is 3x the previous generation.

H30T Night Scene Mode

  • NIR Auxillary Light: When activated, the auxiliary light, also known as the IR Spotlight, and the IR Light option will turn on automatically. This switches the camera view to black and white while the auxiliary light enhances illumination at the centre of the screen.
  • Black and White Mode: In this mode, the landscape appears in black and white, and infrared light can be used to illuminate the area below without causing excessive brightness.
  • Full-Colour Mode: With this feature, the IR filter that would cut out the infrared light is removed, allowing you to see a brighter landscape.
  • Enhanced Noise Reduction: In the night vision setting, you will find the noise reduction options, enabling you to quiet the background noise as you film.
  • Laser-Assisted Focussing: By default, a laser range finder aids focusing.
  • Night Scene Mode: With Night Scene mode and IR Light activated, the laser spot is visible at the centre of the black-and-white camera view. You have the option to deactivate the laser module in On-Demand Mode, which turns it off when the RNG function is not in use.

H30T Visual And Zoom Cameras

  • Zoom Camera: 1/1.8-inch CMOS with effective pixels of 40MP. Supports night scene mode.
  • Superior Zoom Performance: 34x max optical zoom and 400x max digital zoom. Optimised stabilisation in telephoto video, maintained clarity during zooming, and faster focusing speed.
  • Better Object Detection From Afar: H30T has a better observation effect on target details at 700 metres compared to the performance of the H20 Series.
  • Wide Angle Camera: 1/1.3-inch CMOS wide camera with 48MP. Equivalent focal length of 24mm.
  • Recording: Obtain 4K and 1K resolution. Continuous recording for up to 2 hours.
  • Smart Capture: Smart Capture Mode enables the camera to assess the light intensity and dynamic range before capturing an image. 
  • Laser Rangefinder: Enhanced laser rangefinder with up to 3,000m maximum measuring distance. Real-time display of latitude and longitude coordinates and altitude. 

H30T Smart Features 

  • Storage-Friendly Bit Rate: H30T dynamically compresses videos to save storage and CBR, which maintains a constant bit rate.
  • Foreground Stabilisation: When videoing, foregrounds can be made the centre of focus easily for more accurate and reliable inspection data. 
  • Electronic Dehazing: Enhance footage quality with Electronic Dehazing, clarifying imagery from the zoom camera for a clearer, less distorted filming environment. 
  • Smart Track: Enable accurate tracking of moving objects, such as vehicles or people, through automated identification, positioning, and continuous tracking, ensuring they stay centered in the picture and maintain suitable proportions for viewing.
  • AI Spot Check: Use this feature to improve the accuracy of your tasks. The algorithm autonomously compares the target area with the real-time image to adjust the camera's shooting angle, ensuring precise operations.
  • H30T Flight Planning: Use Waypoints for precise mission planning (ideal for inspections) or conduct emergency response mapping to locate and model routes. 

Product specification

DJI Zenmuse H30T Drone Payload

Specification Value
Zenmuse H30T
Weight 920±5g
Dimensions 170x145×165mm (L×W×H)
Power 26 W
Ingress Protection Rating IP54​
*Under controlled laboratory conditions, it can achieve an IP54 protection rating by IEC60529 standards. The IP rating is not permanently effective and may decrease due to product wear and tear.
Supported Aircraft Matrice 300 RTK (requires DJI RC Plus)
Matrice 350 RTK
Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)
Storage Temperature -20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
Stabilisation System 3-axis (tilt, roll, pan)
Angular Vibration Range Hover: ±0.002°
Flight: ±0.004°
Mounting Detachable DJI SKYPORT
Mechanical Range Tilt: -132.5° to +73°
Roll: ±60°
Pan: ±328°
(Structural limit, not controllable range)
Controllable Range Tilt: -120° to +60°
Pan: ±320°
Operation Mode Follow/Free/Re-center
Zoom Camera
Sensor 1/1.8-inch CMOS, Effective Pixels: 40 MP
Lens Actual Focal Length: 7.1-172 mm
(Equivalent focal length: 33.4-809.3 mm)
Aperture: f/1.6-f/5.2
DFOV: 66.7°-2.9°
Focus Mode MF, AFC, AFS
Exposure Mode Manual, Auto
Exposure Compensation ±3.0 (1/3 increments)
Metering Mode Spot Metering, Average Metering
AE Lock Supported
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/8000-2 s
ISO Range Single Shot: 100-25600
Night Scene: 100-819200
Video Resolution Single Shot: 3840×2160@30fps, 1920×1080@30fps
Night Scene: 1920×1080@25fps, 1920×1080@15fps, 1920×1080@5fps
Video Format MP4
Video Subtitles Supported
Video Codec and Bit Rate Strategy H.264, H.265
Maximum Photo Size 7328×5496, 3664×2748
Photo Format JPG
Wide-Angle Camera
Sensor 1/1.3-inch CMOS, Effective Pixels: 48 MP
Lens Actual Focal Length: 6.72 mm (Equivalent focal length: 24 mm)
Aperture: f/1.7
DFOV: 82.1°
Focus Mode MF, AFC, AFS
Exposure Mode Manual, Auto
Exposure Compensation ±3.0 (1/3 increments)
Metering Mode Spot Metering, Average Metering
AE Lock Supported
Electronic Shutter Speed 1/8000-2 s
ISO Range Single Shot: 100-25600
Night Scene: 100-409600
Video Resolution Single Shot: 3840×2160@30fps, 1920×1080@30fps
Night Scene: 1920×1080@25fps, 1920×1080@15fps, 1920×1080@5fps
Video Format MP4
Video Subtitles Supported
Video Codec and Bit Rate Strategy H.264, H.265
Maximum Photo Size 8064×6048, 4032×3024
Photo Format JPG
Infrared Thermal Camera (H30T)
Thermal Imager Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Lens Focal Length: 24 mm (equivalent focal length: 52 mm)
Aperture: f/0.95
DFOV: 45.2°
Digital Zoom Equivalent 32×
Video Resolution 1280×1024@30fps
Video Format MP4
Maximum Photo Size 1280×1024
Photo Format JPG
Measurement Accuracy ±2° C or ±2% (when the scene temperature is -20° to 150° C)
±5° C or ±5% (when the scene temperature is 150° to 550° C)
Scene Range -40° to 550° C
Spot Metering Supported
Area Measurement Supported
High Temperature Alarm Supported
Isotherm Supported
Color Palettes Iron Red, Rainbow, White Hot, Black Hot, Green Hot, Fusion, Arctic
Laser Rangefinder (H30T)
Wavelength 905 nm
Measurement Range 3-1200 m
Measurement Accuracy ±1 m
Laser Spot Size @100 m: approx. 50×450 mm
@1000 m: approx. 450×4500 mm
Safety Regulation Level Class 1
Accessible Emission Limit (AEL) 260 nJ
Reference Aperture 18 mm
Max Laser Pulse Emission Power Within 5 Nanoseconds 52 W
NIR Auxiliary Light
Wavelength 850 nm
FOV 4.6±0.6° (Round)
Safety Regulation Level Class 1
Illumination Range @100 m: Approx. 8m diameter circle
Special Features
Hybrid Optical Zoom 34×
Max Zoom 400×
Link Zoom Supported
Click to Aim Supported
High-Res Grid Photo Supported
Night Scene Supported
Timestamp Supported
Smart Capture Supported
Video Pre-Recording Supported
UHR Infrared Image Supported
Data Storage
Supported microSD Cards U3/Class10/V30 or above is required, or use a memory card from the recommended list.
Supported File System exFAT
Recommended microSD Cards
SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A1 32GB microSDHC

Lexar 1066x V30 A2 64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB microSDXC

Kingston CANVAS GO! Plus V30 A2 64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB microSDXC

Zenmuse H30 supports the Security Code function. Go to Data and Privacy in DJI Pilot 2 and set the code to encrypt the microSD card installed on the camera. Download the DJI Decrypt Tool from the DJI official website to decrypt the microSD card on a Windows computer and access the card content.
Post-processing Software
Mapping Software DJI Terra, DJI FlightHub 2
Post-processing Software DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3

What's in the Box

DJI Zenmuse H30T Drone Payload

Zenmuse H30T x 1
Lens Cap x 1
microD Card (64GB) x 1
Storage Case x 1
Lens Cleaning Cloth x 1