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Drone Drop and Release Payload for M300 RTK

Drone Drop and Release Payload for M300 RTK

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Full Description

DJI Matrice 300 Drop and Release Payload

Carry up to 4 droppable payloads with this programmable attachment.

The Drone Drop and Release Payload can be extended and developed via DJI SDK Payload.

Control and operate the payload drop and release mechanism via the DJI smart controller and DJI Pilot.

Carry 4 payloads to be released with the innovative 4 hook design.

  • Develop on DJI SDK payload, operate and control via DJI smart control & Pilot, compatible with DJI M300 drone
  • Easy to install, quickly install and mount the payload, just plug into the gimbal ring port of DJI M300 drone, simply like you to install a DJI zenmuse H20 camera.
  • 4 hooks ensure one flight can carry 4 payloads to release.
  • the DJI M300 drop mechanism system’s max carry capacity is 10Kg. Note, consider the drone payload capacity and the gimbal port, suggested no more than 1.5Kg.
  • DJI Pilot real-time automatically recognizes the payload, real-time information on smart controller screen alerts.
  • Optimise the use of the process to reduce the failure rate, a variety of exception handling mechanisms to prevent security incidents.

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DJI SKyport V2





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DJI Pilot

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