Emlid Reach M2 RTK / PPK System

Emlid Reach M2 RTK / PPK System


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Emlid Reach M2 RTK GNSS module

The Emlid Reach M2 is high-precision RTK GNSS modules for drone mapping

Achieve positioning with 1 centimetre accuracy in RTK and PPK, and use less GCPs.

The Reach M2 is a multi-band RTK GNSS module, with a baseline of up to 100km in PPK.

Emlid Reach solutions are available as stand alone modules or as part of dedicated UAV mapping kits. 

PPK System for UAV Mapping with Centimetre Accuracy

Use fewer GCPs

Reach logs precise tracks and the exact moment when each photo is taken.

The time and coordinates of each photo are logged with a resolution of less than a microsecond.

This means that the number of checkpoints can be reduced - and allows GCPs to be used only to check your accuracy - and enables the creation of precise 3D models.

How it works

Reach connects to the camera hot shoe port which is synchronised with the shutter.

Sub-microsecond accurate photo time marks are stored in a raw data RINEX log during the flight.

Download the RINEX logs from your airborne Reach module and a base station after the flight.

Use the free RTKLIB software to process RINEX files and get a list of precise photo coordinates.


To ensure smooth synchronisation of Reach and a camera, we recommend you use the Reach M+/M2 hot shoe adapter. You can get it with the UAV kit or separately.

The PPK modules are fully compatible with most cameras with hot shoe including:

  • Sony A6000
  • Nikon D3200
  • Canon EOS 4000D
  • Canon EOS 700D DSLR
  • Ricoh GR III
  • Sony Alpha A7R III
  • Samsung NX1000


Reach needs corrections from a base station to calculate centimetre-precise coordinates in PPK and RTK.

Use Reach with another Reach receiver or an NTRIP service. VRS is also supported.

Reach M2 and M+ work seamlessly with other Reach receivers - such as Reach RS2 and RS+ - over any link and are compatible with any other receiver that supports RTCM3 and NTRIP.

UAV Mapping Kits: Reach M2 Vs Reach M+

Both solutions are available as stand alone modules or as part of dedicated UAV mapping kits.

The Reach M2 UAV mapping kit features: Reach M2, Reach RS2, GNSS antenna and accessories.

The Reach M+ UAV mapping kit features: Reach M+, Reach RS+, GNSS antenna and accessories.

Reach M2 vs Reach M+ comparison table

Choose the best option for your missions.

Emlid Reach M2 Emlid Reach M+
Up to 60km Up to 10km
Up to 100km Up to 20km
Time to first fix
~5 seconds 1–2 minutes
Frequency bands
L1 / L2 / L5 L1
RINEX logging update rate
Up to 20 Hz Up to 14 Hz

Both solutions are available as stand alone modules or as part of dedicated UAV mapping kits.

The Reach M2 UAV mapping kit features: Reach M2, Reach RS2, GNSS antenna and accessories.

Emlid Flow

Emlid Flow is a mobile app for land surveying, which can be used in conjunction with Emlid’s ecosystem of GNSS receivers.

It is an upgraded version of the ReachView 3 app, with new features and the Flow 360 cloud service.

Key features include:

  • Linework and coding
  • Geoids, grid shifts, custom coordinate systems
  • Stake out points and lines
  • Base and rover configuration
  • Reach receiver monitoring for information on satellite reception, solution status, corrections stream state and battery charge level
  • Manage NTRIP profiles
  • Raw data logging (RINEX files for PPK workflows)

The app is synchronised with the cloud-based Emlid Flow 360. It allows you to access and manage your survey data from the browser at flow360.emlid.com.

With Emlid Flow 360, you can prepare for the fieldwork from the comfort of your office: Create a project, configure the coordinate system, choose a code library or upload a new one, or just import all the necessary data.

Guide to Emlid Flow

Emlid Flow And Emlid Flow 360 Licence Plans

Two packages are available for Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360: Standard and Survey.

The Standard version is free and emulates the features previously accessible in the ReachView 3 app.

To access the new features - such as linework and coding - in addition to what is included in the Standard package, upgrade to the paid-for Survey licence.

Existing installations of ReachView 3 will automatically update to Emlid Flow with the Standard subscription plan.

Standard Survey
Emlid Flow
Collect and stake out points
Choose coordinate systems, geoids, and grid shifts
Add custom coordinate system
Export and import in CSV, DXF, SHP
Control your Reach receivers
Use a built-in NTRIP client
Collect and stake out lines X
Add codes on the go X
Switch to a satellite map X
Emlid Flow 360
Manage projects with the app
Export and import in CSV, DXF, SHP
Add custom code libraries X
Price Free forever Starting from £20 per month
How To Subscribe No account is needed: Sign up for free Free Emlid account is needed: Free 14-day trial available

Product specification

Emlid Reach M2 RTK / PPK System

Emlid Reach M+ Product Specification

Size56.4 x 45.3 x 14.6mm
Operating Temperature-20°C to 65°C
Input Voltage on USB and JST-GH Connectors4.75–5.5V
Antenna DC Bias3.3V
Average Current Consumption at 5V200mA
SignalsGPS/QZSS L1C/A, L2C,
BeiDou B1I, B2I,
Galileo E1-B/C, E5b
Update Rate20 Hz GPS / 10 Hz GNSS
Tracking Channels184
InterfacesUSB, UART, Event
WiFi802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth4.0/2.1 EDR
Position OutputNMEA, LLH/XYZ
Correction InputRTCM2, RTCM3
Internal Storage16GB
StaticH: 4mm + 0.5ppm
V: 8mm + 1ppm
KinematicH: 7mm + 1ppm
V:14mm + 1ppm