GVC Fixed Wing Drone Training

GVC Fixed Wing Drone Training

Note: This is a bolt-on training module for the GVC training course (sold separately).

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Full Description

Fixed-wing Drone training course

Apply for a fixed-wing Operational Authorisation.

Fixed-Wing Drone Training GVC Module

The heliguy™ fixed-wing drone training module provides pilots with the knowledge and skills they need to operate fixed-wing aircraft safely and effectively.

The fixed-wing course is a bolt-on to the heliguy™ standard GVC module and upon completion, candidates will be able to apply to the UK CAA for a fixed-wing Operational Authorisation to operate in the Specific Category. Alternatively, candidates can apply for a fixed-wing OSC (Operational Safety Case) to fly outside of Standard permissions.

The fixed-wing GVC course involves theory learning and multiple choice theory examination; both can be conducted online. A practical flight assessment and an Operations Manual will also need to be completed.

Our team of instructors have vast fixed-wing experience.

    Fixed-wing drones are a popular commercial tool thanks to their enhanced flight time and stability, compared to multirotor drones.

    What You Will Learn On The Fixed Wing Theory Course

    The fixed-wing module can be completed online through the heliguy™ Learning Management System. This enables candidates to learn at their own convenience and at their own pace.

    The module includes:

    • The principles of flight and how they apply to the operation of fixed-wing aircraft;
    • To identify the parts of a fixed wing and know their function;
    • The consequences of failures of components or systems;
    • How to assess the suitability of a take-off and landing site;
    • The importance of following pre-flight checklists;
    • The actions to be taken in an emergency.

    GVC Drone Training Benefits

    Learn why our training is the best rated in the industry.

    • CAA-approved GVC course delivered by our experienced in-house instructors who have trained drone-pilot teams from the likes of Network Rail, National Grid, Sellafield Sites, Manchester City FC, and Phillips 66.
    • Flexible and on-demand online learning through the heliguy™ Learning Management System, with engaging course content and interactive support from our training team.
    • Online theory test, via webcam, with our in-house team of examiners. Flexible exam slots available.
    • Streamlined Operations Manual creation process, as well as annual renewal service and guidance.
    • Conduct your bespoke flight assessment - tailored to your commercial operation.
    • Unlimited free resits for the theory exam and flight assessment, and dedicated aftercare support.
    • Partner discounts, bonus material, regulation updates, and additional industry courses through heliguy™ Learning Management System.
    • Industry-specific closed courses and on-site learning provide your organisation with tailored learning.
    • Operate beyond Standard Permissions with heliguy™'s Operating Safety Case consultancy.

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    Drone License Calculator

    Course Specification

    Certification Details

    • Valid for 5 years
    • Suited to commercial drone pilots
    • Allows for operations in the Specific Category, or applications to the CAA for a fixed-wing OSC

    Course Details

    • Remote learning through online platform
    • Live support from instructors via online messenger, telephone or 1-2-1 video link
    • Online theory test, via webcam
    • Practical Flight Assessment
    • Operations Manual

    Flight Assessment

    • Practical flight assessment required to complete certification.
    • Flight assessment must be completed at our Newcastle test location.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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