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GeoSLAM Volumes

GeoSLAM Volumes

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GeoSLAM Volumes

Key insights about your stockpiles

GeoSLAM Volumes is a volumetric analysis software suite designed for indoor and outdoor stockpile management.

Input data collected by GeoSLAM’s LiDAR scanners to build 3D models to measure and monitor stockpile volume and tonnage change over time, view results in an easily digestible graphing format, and generate company-branded reports for project-wide communication.

GeoSLAM Volumes software automatically classifies and isolates the stockpile in a scan, filtering and removing surrounding structures and noise. This removes the need for users to manually crop the data - making for a more efficient workflow.

GeoSLAM Stockpile Workflow

The GeoSLAM ecosystem provides an automated end-to-end workflow to manage stockpiles and calculate volumetric analysis.

Obtain real-time insights to make informed decisions on stockpile assets: Manage supply chains, reduce inefficiencies, limit downtime and increase ROI.

The GeoSLAM stockpile workflow is a four-step process.

#1 Capture

Rapid data collection with GeoSAM’s mobile-mapping solutions, including drone-mounted options.

#2 Process

Automatically process the data using GeoSLAM Connect (comes with the GeoSLAM sensors), and load the data to GeoSLAM Volumes.

#3 Analyse

Generate volumes reports as and when you need them and obtain deep stockpile insights.

#4 View

Turn this information into company-branded reports and distribute to key stakeholders. The tabular data can also be exported into a CSV file for further management assessment.