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Livox Mid Series LiDAR Sensor
Livox Mid Series LiDAR Sensor
Livox Mid Series LiDAR Sensor
Livox Mid Series LiDAR Sensor

Livox Mid Series LiDAR Sensor

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Full Description

Livox Mid LiDAR Sensors

Get real-time accurate LiDAR data in a compact package.

The Livox Mid is a high-performance LiDAR sensor.

It has been developed for use in a huge variety of industries and applications to provide accurate results in a compact case.

Advanced, non-repetitive scanning patterns ensure that you can get real time accurate results.

The SDK available for the Livox Mid means that you can integrate these advanced LiDAR sensors with existing software applications.

Livox Range and Precision Stats

Detection Range

260 meters

At 80% reflectivity the detection range can reach 260m.

Range Precision

2cm precision

Detection precision can reach just 2cm.

Angular Accuracy


Vertical and horizontal accuracy right down to 0.1°.

High Coverage Ratio

The Livox Mid-40 and Mid-100 both use an innovative opto-electronic system design.

This is the system that drives a unique, non-repetitive scan pattern.

This increases coverage ration and helps collect more accurate details from the area in view.

In turn, you can feel confident that the Livox Mid series is capturing every possible object in the scannable area.

Compact, Embeddable Design

The Livox Mid-40 and Mid-100 are both extremely compact.

Couple this with the extremely light weight of the units themselves (just 600g for a single Mid-40) - and they are suitable for embedding in almost any device, whether that's drones, autonomous vehicles or water-based craft.

The Mid-40 and Mid-100 sensors are both available in packs for when you need even more coverage.

The Mid-100 has a wide field of view - approximately 100°.

Another Level of Reliability

The Livox Mid series has been specifically designed with reliability in mind.

Right from individual components, to system-level software, reliability has always been a key factor.

An absolutely key aspect of this was to create a LiDAR sensor without any moving parts.

The Mid-40 and Mid-100 have both been through a barrage of testing in different temperatures and environmental conditions designed to test car reliability.

Both sensors are also IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

Adapt to the Environment

The Livox Mid LiDAR sensor series performs consistently well across a wide range of environments.

This includes the ambient lighting conditions - where the sensors have been tested from 100 kilolux to darker, low-light environments.

There is also a de-noising algorithm built into both the Mid-40 and the Mid-100 that will help ensure accuracy, even when the environment is full of particles such as rain, fog or dust.

In addition, this algorithm will significantly reduce the impact of interference caused by other LiDAR units.

Livox LiDAR Use Cases


Search and Rescue

High-Precision Mapping


Autonomous Driving

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