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Share UAV PSDK 102S V3
Share UAV PSDK 102S V3
Share UAV PSDK 102S V3
Share UAV PSDK 102S V3

Share UAV PSDK 102S V3

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Share UAV PSDK 102S V3

Five Lenses, Enhanced Efficiency

The PSDK 102S V3 is a unique payload equipped with five lenses that simultaneously capture data from every angle, providing operators with incredibly detailed and accurate data. It's also a huge time saver for surveyors as instead of requiring multiple flights to get different angles, they can gather all angles in one seamless mission.

The camera quality of this payload is incredibly sophisticated, with over 25 million pixels in a single lens and over 125 million in total with the other four lenses. This allows operators to gather stunning detail and produce models with information such as writing on signs and the texture of buildings. 

In addition to requiring fewer flights to acquire detailed footage, the PSDK 102S V3 is instantly recognised as a payload and requires no further set-up than being attached to the drone, meaning you can be airborne much quicker. 

Key Features

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The PSDK 102S V3's five lenses boost efficiency by capturing multiple angles in a single flight, eliminating the need for multiple flights.
  • Smart 3-Axis Stabilised Gimbal: Capture data clearly and unaffected by the drone's movement, with steady footage even at 15 m/s. 
  • Lightweight Model: All Share UAV's payloads are under 1kg, ensuring that your drone's flight remains efficient. 
  • Multi-Purpose Payload: The PSDK 102S V3 features various modes for different scenarios: Real 3D Modelling, Macro Photography, 2D Orthophotoquad, and Smart City Modelling.
  • Plentiful Storage: Safely store up to 1280G worth of data.
  • Clear Live-View Transmission: Stream live camera footage to your remote controller.
  • Versatile Missions: Adjust the flight parameters from your smart controller before or during a flight.

Ease Of Use 

The PSDK 102S V3 is an incredibly versatile payload that adapts to many different scenarios and is compatible with many drones, including DJI M350/ M300 and any payload-friendly drone that can support its weight. 

  • No Extra Set-Up: The PSDK 102 is instantly recognised as a payload, so operators do not need to do any additional set-up and launch their missions much faster. 
  • Streamlined Data Processing: For no additional cost, operators can access the Share UAV Data Manager platform to merge all the camera data into one file. This process combines the many pictures each lens took and automatically merges them into a succinct series of images. 
  • Use Any Mapping Software: Share UAV's data is compatible with any mapping software, such as DJI Terra, DJI Modify, Pix4D and Drone2Map. You can use whichever suits you best. 

Advanced Oblique Camera

The PSDK 102S V3 features four oblique camera settings, enhancing its versatility and adaptability for various tasks, from construction surveying to urban mapping.

  • Real 3D Modeling: Convert your images and videos into detailed 3D models. It's comparable to the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise but faster.
  • Macro photography: Magnify the subject to life-size or bigger in exceptional detail, making reading the letters on signs possible.
  • 2D Orthophotoquad: In this mode, you can merge the images you capture with a map of the area, enhancing your accuracy and providing you with a better visual of the area.
  • Smart City Modelling: Create interactive 3D models of the surveying area you can manipulate and zoom in on to see as much detail as possible.

Multipurpose and Efficient Payload

Use the PSDK 102S V3 across various industries for your surveying and mapping operations. 

  • Maximised Battery Life with Lightweight Design: This lightweight construction extends flight times and boosts workload capacity, delivering peak performance without compromising power efficiency.
  • Frequent Surveying: The PSDK 102S V3 is tailored for regular survey operators, like those at ports and construction sites, making it perfect for weekly mapping.
  • Extend your fieldwork time: High sensitivity and low noise algorithms boost your daily operations by 3 hours. Adjust shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and colour mode to match your operating conditions, ensuring optimal performance seamlessly.
  • Multi-Use Camera: This versatile camera, with adjustable parameters and independent vertical lenses, combines SHARE's advanced optics for 2D/3D image capture and macro-photogrammetry, offering a cost-effective solution. 

Better Accuracy 

  • GCP-Free Precision: Share UAV's Time Sync 2.0 technology ensures microsecond synchronization between camera, gimbal, flight control, and RTK, eliminating the need for Ground Control Points (GCPs) while enhancing accuracy.
  • Flight Route Editor: Use 3D models for visual flight route editing and preview simulated imaging results.
  • Enhanced Real-Time Position Tracking: The PSDK 102S V3's software empowers seamless data inscription onto photos, intelligent task management, and optimised copy speed, further augmented by real-time dynamic Bitstream image transmission to enhance user interactions.

Contact Us 

heliguy™'s in-house geospatial department offers comprehensive training and support for surveys and inspections, including data processing assistance.

Contact us to learn more about what Share UAV's latest Payload can do for your operations and how its unique five-lens camera can boost your accuracy and efficiency when conducting inspections.

Product specification

Share UAV PSDK 102S V3

PSDK 102S V3
Dimensions193 x 172 x 180mm
Supported AircraftCompatible with DJI M350 RTK and various rotary and fixed-wing drones from different manufacturers
Camera InterfaceDJI Skyport Interface & Universal Aviation Plug Interface
Effective PixelsOver 25 million pixels single lens; totalling exceeding 125 million pixels
Sensor SpecificationsSize: 23.1 x 15.4mm
Pixel Size: 3.76um
Lens Focal LengthOblique: 35mm
Storage Capacity1280GB
Parameter AdjustmentFeatures adjustable ISO, white balance, colour mode, and shutter speed settings; Bluetooth parameter adjustment capability
Data SpeedUp to 600MB/s

What's in the Box

Share UAV PSDK 102S V3

Aerial Oblique Camera x1

Storage Box x1

Data Cable x1

Gimbal Cover x1

Data Storage Module x1

Data Reading Module x1

Cleaning Cloth x2

User Manual