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Sniffer4D Gas Detection System
Sniffer4D Gas Detection System
Sniffer4D Gas Detection System
Sniffer4D Gas Detection System

Sniffer4D Gas Detection System

Multi-gas detection module providing real-time insights. Detect up to nine substances at once and generate spatial distribution models to identify sources, concentrations and transportation of air pollution.

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Multi-gas detection module and mapping software.

Sniffer4D is a sophisticated multi-gas detection module, compatible with the DJI M300 RTK, M210 Series V2/V1 drones, and Mavic 2 Series (including Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced).

Providing real-time insights, it is ideal for a range of industry verticals, including public safety, environmental monitoring and industrial inspection.

The system can detect a wide range of substances and is capable of detecting up to 9 at once. These can be configured for specific missions.

Pair with the Sniffer4D Mapper software to generate intuitive 2D & 3D spatial distribution models to quickly identify sources, concentrations and transportation of air pollution.

Sniffer4D Gas Detection Module

The Sniffer4D module is able to sense multiple air pollutants and sends this data back to Sniffer4D Mapper analytic software in real-time.

The sensing modules inside Sniffer4D use state-of-the-art gas sensors to obtain hyper-local air pollutant information. The module can also collect humidity and temperature information.

The concentration of each gas can also be viewed in real-time via the DJI Pilot app screen.

With a dimension of 157 x 103 x 87mm and weighing 400g - 500g, the Sniffer4D module is a plug-and-play solution that seamlessly integrates with DJI drone platforms, enabling operators to efficiently scan large areas.

What gases can the Sniffer4D system detect?

Sniffer4D can detect up to nine gases/particle concentrations at a time. The substances it can detect include:

  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • SO2
  • CO
  • NO2
  • O2
  • O3
  • VOCs
  • CxHy/CH4/LEL
  • CO2
  • H2S
  • NH3
  • HCl
  • H2
  • Cl2
  • PH3

Sensor configurations can be changed to suit specific applications. Such as:

  • Ambient Air Monitoring: PM2.5, PM10, O3, NO2, CO, SO2, VOCs, Odor (OU).
  • HazMat Response: VOCs, CH4, CO, Cl2, O2, NO2, H2S, CO2.
  • Oil & Gas Plant Leak Detection: VOCs, CH4, H2S, SO2.

Sniffer4D Mapper Software

One-mission reports and historical data analysis

Pair the Sniffer4D gas detection unit with Sniffer4D Mapper to turn air pollution data into intuitive and actionable information and conduct analyse in real-time.

Use the Mapper software to load historical data for analysis and review and utilise one-click generation of mission reports and datasheets.

The data can be viewed in 2D grid, 2D contour, and 3D point cloud air pollution distribution maps.

2D Grid

Best for displaying how the gas concentration values vary in different locations.

2D Contour

Best for showing the concentration distribution trends. It also shows the hotspot for that particular gas.

3D Point Cloud

Best for revealing gas concentration differences at different altitudes.

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