Does DJI RS 4 have any key shortcuts?

There are key shortcuts for DJI RS 4. Read below to learn shortcuts for operating the Power Button, trigger, Front Dial, Camera Control Button, Joystick, and the M Button. 

‌1. Power Button
Press and hold: Power on/off.
Press once: Sleep/wake.

‌2. Trigger
Press and hold: Enter Lock/FPV mode (customizable).
Press twice: Re-centre the gimbal.
Press three times: Enter Selfie mode.

3. Front Dial
Electronic focusing (default setting).

4. Camera Control Button
Press halfway: Autofocus.
Press once: Start/Stop recording.
Press and hold: Take a photo.

5. Joystick - Zoom Control
‌Push up or pull down: Control external focus motor zoom, Power Zoom for Sony PZ lenses, or Sony Clear Image Zoom.

Joystick - Gimbal Control
Push up or pull down: Control tilt axis movement (default setting).
Push left or right: Control pan axis movement (default setting).

6. M Button
‌Press once: Can be customized to Take Photos, C1/Fn1 Button Mapping, or LiDAR AF/MF.
Press and hold: Enter Sport Mode.
Press and hold the M button while pressing the trigger twice: Enter and remain in Sport Mode. Repeat to exit.
Press and hold the M button and trigger: Start Auto Tune.


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