How do I control DJI RS 3 Pro remotely?

There are four ways to control DJI RS 3 Pro remotely:

1. Pair DJI RS 3 Pro with DJI Transmission to control the gimbal and camera focus remotely with Ronin 4D Hand Grips, DJI Master Wheels, or DJI Force Pro. The DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor can be used as an independent motion controller to remotely control the gimbal.

2. Connect DJI RS 3 Pro to the DJI R Focus Wheel and DJI Pro Wireless Receiver. Link the DJI Pro Wireless Receiver with DJI Master Wheels or DJI Force Pro to remotely control the gimbal via DJI Master Wheels or DJI Force Pro.

3. When using DJI RS 3 Pro with the DJI Ronin Image Transmitter, use Force Mobile or the virtual joysticks in the Ronin app to control the gimbal remotely.


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