How do I install AirHUD on the Microsoft HoloLens 2?

On the HoloLens 2 you need to make sure you have enabled unregistered software installs (as AirHUD is not yet inside Microsoft Store). 

So, Settings > Update & Security > For developers. 

There, enable: Use developer features, Device discovery, and Device portal. 

You might also want to disable microphone from Settings > Privacy. This way the mic won’t pick up weird things all the time.

Steps while wearing HoloLens 2:

  1. Download the apps from
  2. Click the application download link for HoloLens 2 application.
  3. Plug the HoloLens into your PC if you downloaded the application.
  4. Move the file to HoloLens Downloads folder.
    If you used HoloLens browser to download, then just go to File Explorer from main menu, All apps, and find the downloads (top left corner, switch from most recent to all files view…), and tap on the AirHUD installer.
  5. You are asked for the PIN code or other security confirmation here.
    The same steps go for installing for Smart Controller, of course. The Smart Controller will ask for the licence email and licence key that is provided earlier on first AirHUD startup.
  6. Start the AirHUD on controller, accept EULA, insert licence information, confirm that connection to drone is okay (if it is powered on already).
  7. Turn on the AirHUD in HoloLens, and you are ready to go.
Please note that if you have an old version of AirHUD in HoloLens, you may experience some difficulties while installing the new version. Therefore, when you want to install a new version, first you must uninstall the old version.


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How do I install AirHUD on the Microsoft HoloLens 2?

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