How do I use the automated axis locks on DJI RS 4?

To use the DJI RS 4 use the automated axis lock first ensure the device is powered off. Then, press and hold the power button, and the three axes will unlock and expand automatically to become ready for use within seconds.

Press and hold the power button again to lock the axes and power off DJI RS 4. During use, press the power button once, and the axes will automatically lock and enter sleep mode.

Press once again to unlock and wake. You can set the movement of the automated axis locks on the touchscreen. When DJI RS 4 is being powered on/off, the movement can be Re-centre & Lock, Fold & Lock, or None.

When DJI RS 4 is entering sleep mode, the movement can be Re-centre & Lock or None. Additionally, the automated axis locks also support manual locking and unlocking.


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