How durable is the dog cam?

The dog cam is durable. It is expected that the surface of the camera unit and helmet will become scratched and scuffed during regular operation. This type of damage will not affect the normal operation of the camera unit and its presence does not constitute a need for repair.

Please contact heliguy™ if any of the following are noticed:

  • Cracks in the housing exceeding 2cm in length.
  • Dislodged heat sink.
  • Cracked or smashed glass front or camera lens.
  • Broken cables / connectors.
  • Batteries no longer charging.

heliguy™ conducts all repairs of the dog video link in-house and holds parts for fast turnaround repairs. To book a repair or replacement unit please contact  heliguy™ to arrange.

It is recommended that each unit is serviced at least once per year to ensure continued operational performance and to install any upgrades that have become available.


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