How To Use PinPoints In DJI Pilot 2

How To Use PinPoints In DJI Pilot 2 

The following workflow shows how to engage PinPoints via the DJI Pilot 2 app.

  1. Take off the aircraft and keep it hovering. Then enter the wide or zoom view...
  2. Lock the target and press L3...
  3. drop a PinPoint on it.

  4. You can drop multiple PinPoints and they will stay in AR form.
  5. By default you can switch to a different pinpoint using left and right on the 5D button.
  6. Long press L3 for advanced settings...
  7. ...about the colour...

    ...or PinPoint list.

  8. In map view, you can tap the screen to choose a certain pinpoint to see its coordinates, hide, edit or delete.
  9. In the meantime, the information of the PinPoints will be synchronised with other team members via FlightHub2 - if your team is using the cloud-based platform.


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