How to use QuickShots on DJI Mini 4 Pro

QuickShots is a collection of intelligent flight functions available on the DJI Mini 4 Pro that enable you to capture a variety of camera shooting modes. 

    It is recommended to fly in an open, unobstructed space.

    If you are not familiar with the QuickShot mode that you’ve selected, it is suggested that you start with a shorter distance.  

    How to use QuickShots

    1. Before using QuickShots toggle the flight mode switch of the remote controller to N mode.

      Flight mode switch

    2. Launch and hover the aircraft at least two metres above the ground.

    3. Tap the shooting mode icon on the right side of the camera view and select QuickShots.

      Shooting mode icon

    4. After selecting one sub-mode. Tap the plus icon or drag-select your subject on the screen.


    5. Then tap Start to begin shooting. The aircraft will automatically fly and begin shooting and generate a video afterwards.

      Start shooting icon

    QuickShot sub-modes

    • Dronie
    • Rocket
    • Circle
    • Helix
    • Boomerang 
    • Asteroid


    1. Select Dronie and set your desired maximum flight distance.

      Dronie option

      Maximum distance option

    2. The aircraft will fly backward and ascend with the camera locked onto the subject.


    1. Select Rocket and set the maximum flight height.

      Rocket option

    2. The aircraft will ascend with the camera pointing downward.


    1. Select Circle and set the aircraft’s circling orientation.

      Circling orientation options

    2. The aircraft will begin circling the subject in the present orientation and with the current distance as the radius while recording automatically.


    1. Select Helix and set the maximum flight radius and circling orientation.

      Flight radius

    2. The aircraft will fly backward and ascend while circling the subject once in a golden spiral, with its current distance to the subject as the initial radius.


    1. Select Boomerang and set the circling orientation.

      Circling orientation

    2. The aircraft will fly around the subject along an oval path.


    1.  Select Asteroid.

      Asteroid selection

    2. The aircraft will fly backward and ascend to the set distance and hover to capture a panorama.  

    How to exit QuickShots

    1.  During the red icon on the right side of the camera view.

      Red icon of camera view

    2. Or press the flight pause button on the remote controller once.


    3. The aircraft will exit QuickShots immediately and hover. Note that accidentally moving a control stick will also stop the shooting.


    • Shooting will also stop if the aircraft flies too close to a restricted zone or altitude zone. 

    • Or if the aircraft's sensing system is triggered during the flight. 

     Video Playback 

    1.  After shooting is complete, tap the Playback button to view the footage.

      Playback icon

    2. Tap Create to preview the QuickShots video.

      Create QuickShots

    3. Tap the download icon in the bottom right corner to download the footage to your mobile device or the touch-screen remote controller.

      Download icon


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