What are the differences between the Zenmuse H30 Series and the H20 Series?

There are numerous differences between the H30 and H20 series, key updates include: 

  1. Visible light capabilities enhanced:Supports up to 34x optical zoom and 400x digital zoom.
  2. Thermal camera capability enhanced: H30T offers four times higher resolution (1280 × 1024) compared to H20T (640×512) and supports Ultra HD mode for enhanced target searching, with a temperature range expanded threefold (-20°C to 1600°C).
  3. Night vision improved: Supports industry-leading night vision capabilities, including full-colour night vision, black-and-white night vision, and the near-infrared auxiliary light function for lightless environments.
  4. The laser rangefinder was increased to 3000 metres
  5. Supports smart capture: Which automatically judges the environment brightness and outputs the optimal photo through the algorithm.
  6. Supports the electronic dehazing: A function which can work well in haze and high humidity environment.
  7. Supports video foreground stabilisation: Enhances the efficiency of powerline inspection and other operations.


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