Commercial UAV Show - London, 2014

Commercial UAV Show - London, 2014

Commercial UAV show, London, 2014

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Summary: The Commercial UAV show was the first event of its kind for end users of UAV. Commercial UAV show Commercial UAV show The UAV show had a circus type theme, the company organising Terrapin were clever enough to work out they could make money from  promoting UAVs. However it was busy and we had a good show. The audience could have been better and the show organisers had not directly approached the 300 CAA approved flyers, nor the top 200 companies either and there was a lack of larger players in attendance. However those that were there, were all there as they had a direct interest in UAV and so were valuable. The S900 (Ready To Fly), Phantom with thermal imager on it and went down well.  Also our new Super Lift system Merlin had a lot of interest. Seminars: Content of seminars was  numb and feedback from the delegates paying £2500 for seats indicated nothing was being learnt. The speakers were all a bit low tech and the academics and big UAV companies were talking far too much about the future applications. A lot came across as though they just don't own one yet and it tended to some across as a theoretical discussion. The agriculture breakout session was basically all of our own case studies which again, compliments our knowledge.   Pictures and more content coming soon.

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