DJI Mavic Mini: Attaching Propeller Guards

DJI Mavic Mini: Attaching Propeller Guards

This Heliguy™ tutorial will teach you how to attach your DJI Mavic Mini propeller guards safely to your drone. Enjoy and practise your drone skills.

Last updated: Mar 09, 2021

1 minute read

The 360° propeller guide provides extra protection for your DJI Mavic Mini. It is recommended to attach the 360° propeller guard during your first flight or whilst flying in tricky locations.

By attaching the propeller guard you will increase the safety of your drone and ensure worry-free flying.

In this fast Heliguy™ tutorial you'll learn how to quickly and safely attach the 360° propeller guard to your DJI Mavic Mini drone.

  1. Place 2 pieces on flat surface

  2. Unfold the aircraft arms

  3. Close propellers together

    Ensure the propellers are closed together in and organised fashion.

  4. Insert front landing gear

    Now insert the front landing gear into the propeller guard.

  5. Make aircraft level

    Level out the DJI Mavic Mini to manoeuvre the aircraft into the propeller guard safely.

  6. Insert rear landing gear

    You can now insert the rear landing gear into the propeller guard. This is done in the same fashion to the front landing gear.

  7. Lock the clips into place

    Locking the clips into place is pivotal to ensure the propeller guard stays securely in place. You'll hear a click when the clips are securely fixed together.

  8. Check all clips are secure

    Before you take flight make sure all the landing gear clips are secure and safely attached.



Now you've attached the propeller guard onto the DJI Mavic Mini you can fly with an increased level of safety. You'll be able to practise flight manoeuvres and test your skills.

Always conduct your flying in a safe and relatively controlled environment to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

If you require any additional assistance, help or guidance be sure to give us a call or email us.

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