DJI Mavic Mini Drone: How To Link To The Remote Controller

DJI Mavic Mini Drone: How To Link To The Remote Controller

A step by step guide to help you link the DJI Mavic Mini drone with the remote controller.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2021

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Before flight, linking the Mavic Mini with the remote controller is necessary if you are prompted to do so by the DJI Fly app.

Linking is only required when the aircraft status indicator blinks yellow quickly and the battery level LEDs of the remote controller blink slowly.

Linking Via The DJI Fly App

Step One: Open the DJI Fly app and tap to connect the aircraft to enter the live camera view.

Alternatively, wait for the remote controller to scan for five seconds and tap the linking button on the screen if the aircraft is scanned successfully.

Step Two: Tap the settings icon on the top right and select 'Control' and then 'Connect to the aircraft'.

Step Three: When the remote controller beeps continuously with the battery LEDs blinking in sequence, it means the remote controller is ready to link.

Step Four: Press the aircraft power button and hold for approximately four seconds...

...the aircraft will beep once and the battery level LEDs will blink in sequence indicating it is ready to link.

Step Five: When the live camera view is displayed on the app, it means linking is successful. The remote controller will then stop beeping and the LEDs on the aircraft and remote controller will also stop blinking.

Linking Via Physical Buttons

To link with the aircraft, you can also press the remote controller power button and hold for four seconds.

Then press and hold the aircraft power button for four seconds to begin linking.

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