DJI OM4: How To Balance and Calibrate Gimbal

DJI OM4: How To Balance and Calibrate Gimbal

Balance the DJI OM4 with a few easy calibration steps. It's easy to balance your DJI OM4 gimbal with the refined gimbal settings the DJI OM4 affords you.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2021

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In this tutorial you will learn how to quickly balance your DJI OM4 gimbal by using our fast and easy steps.

Be sure to have your phone already attached to the OM4 and the OM4 turned on.

DJI have made it super easy to adjust your OM4 gimbal if it becomes unbalanced for some particular reason. In this event simply go through the following steps to complete the gimbal calibration process:

  1. Go to your 'settings' menu

    The Settings menu can be located at the top right of your scree. It is represented as three dots.

  2. Choose 'Gimbal Settings'

    Gimbal Settings is located in the top middle of your screen. When you click it, gimbal settings will open.

  3. Go to 'Horizontal Gimbal Adjustments'

    To locate Horizontal Gimbal Settings you must scroll down the Gimbal Settings tap.

  4. Adjust the horizontal rotation until gimbal is level

    Now adjust your gimbal horizontally until it meets your requirements.

  5. Click 'Done'

    To confirm the horizontal adjustment you must click Done to apply to new settings.

  6. Your gimbal will be balanced

    That's all there is too it. Now go out and get some amazing content!

The OM 4 is revolutionising the mobile gimbal world and elevating the standards for mobile content creation.

By being able to manually adjust your DJI OM4 you have the ability to conquer any terrain with ease. The DJI OM4 enables you to gain full control over the content you produce.

If you require direct support for your DJI OM4 be sure to give us a call or email us.



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  • Trixie Young

    Thank you for this! Worked a treat.

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