DJI OSMO Pocket: How To Use Story Mode

DJI OSMO Pocket: How To Use Story Mode

Learn how to use the DJI OSMO Pocket Story Mode feature in this fast and simple Heliguy™ tutorial today!

Last updated: Mar 09, 2021

1 minute read

The DJI OSMO Pocket is an advanced camera gimbal that supports 2.7k and 4k footage.

This incredible mobile gimbal will give your content the edge with it's new Story Mode feature.

It enables you to create stylish, beautiful and creative content with ease.

Learn how to use the creative Story Mode feature by using this fast Heliguy™ tutorial.


  1. Power On OSMO Pocket

    DJI osmo pocket in hand using story mode

  2. Connect Phone to OSMO Pocket

    dji osmo pocket story mode feature on dji mimo app

  3. Choose Story

    slide to story mode using dji mimo app

  4. Select Template

    selecting story mode using dji mimo app on osmo pocket options menu

  5. Choose Gimbal Settings

    choosing gimbal settings on dji mimo app for osmo pocket

  6. Customise Settings

    using beautify tool settings in dji mimo app for the osmo pocket

  7. Tap Shutter Button

    change the rotation of osmo pocket gimbal to change scenes

  8. Get Footage

    shooting story mode scenes using osmo pocket

  9. Save Video

    choose story mode on the osmo pocket dji mimo app







Now you've learnt how to use Story Mode for the OSMO Pocket you can start creating impressive content with ease.

Try out the other intelligent features the OSMO Pocket offers you and check out the unique shooting modes.

If you require any assistance whilst using your DJI OSMO Pocket be sure to give us a call or email us.

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