DJI Phantom 2 FPV Flight Tips for Novices

FPV flight tips. Are you a DJI Phantom 2 PFV owner? At Heliguy, we hate crashes as much as you do.

Last updated: Mar 03, 2021

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Need FPV flight tips? Are you a DJI Phantom 2 PFV owner?

At heliguy™, we hate crashes as much as you do. Our UK DJI repair centre deals with crashes and warranty problems on a daily basis. If we can help with this, the below guide with tips and tricks is the very start.

1. Do not panic, this is the number one reason for Phantom 2 crashes.

2. Download the latest software and drivers from, install, connect the Phantom 2 and auto update.

3. Calibrate the compass and GPS, only needs to be done after a software update.

4. Set the Phantom 2 on the ground for a minute. Quickly flashing green lights followed by slow green blinking lights indicate GPS lock and home point acquisition.

5. First flight ensure you get in the air quickly and as safely as possible. Make sure you are in an open area, keep people and animals away from the Phantom 2 whilst operating. Best to stay a good 25ft from the UAV.

6. Fly to 30ft in the air. This ensures any mistakes are easily corrected. Much easier to fly if the battery faces you, the camera faces away. This means left is left, right is right. Only start to play with reversed orientation when you are more confident.

7. Remember if you are ever unsure, throttle up, get it higher in the air and take a deep breath. Keep the Phantom 2 in line of sight.

8. Keep check on flight time, typically this can last 15-20 minutes depending on items installed. The DJI Phantom 2 FPV setup will generally give you 15 minutes flight time. Ensure you make use of the screen telemetry. Land with no less than 20% battery life, the Lipo efficiency tails off under this.

9. Fail safe is there as a last resort. However if you have no line of sight this should be used with caution. The DJI Phantom 2 flies at 60 meters and direct to the home point, so bear this in mind if flying past tall objects/buildings/trees.

10. Enjoy flying, once you get past the first half dozen flights you should find orientation easier. Using a FPV monitor for your GoPro will help you. Everyone has a different learning curve so go at your own pace.

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