Phantom 4 Disconnected Message in DJI GO – Diagnosis and Fixes

Step by step guide to fixing the "Aircraft Disconnected" error in DJI Go when using the Phantom 4.

Last updated: Mar 09, 2021

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An issue that a number of heliguy™ customers have encountered is a message in their DJI GO app stating that the Phantom 4 is ‘Disconnected’, rendering the quadcopter unusable.

Why does my Phantom 4 show Aircraft Disconnected?

This can happen for a number of reasons:
  • A faulty cable.
  • Incorrect DJI GO app version.
  • Faulty Cache on DJI GO app.

Possible Quick Fixes for the Aircraft Disconnected issue.

Try an alternative USB cable.

The first thing to test when you’re trying to resolve this issue is to use an alternative USB cable. Cables can be faulty from the factory (although it’s rare) or could’ve suffered a malfunction during use. The cable used is relatively common, so you may well have a similar cable available to you. Try linking your device to the Phantom 4 controller using a different USB cable and see if this resolves the issue. If not try the other options we’ve listed.

Update the DJI GO app.

This is always good practice and worth trying with any error. Check that you have the very latest DJI GO app, available at the following links: If your phone or tablet suggests an ‘Update’ option, use it. Then try rebooting your Phantom 4 as normal and connecting to your device.

Faulty DJI GO app cache.

Another simple fix that can resolve this issue is to uninstall the DJI GO app altogether and reinstall. The app will store certain information about your aircraft and the relevant firmware it uses. If, for any reason, the app cannot clear this cache, it can lead to errors in the configuration. To resolve this, please try uninstalling the DJI GO app completely from your mobile device. If you’re using an Apple device, please also remove the app from your iCloud account to ensure that a previously used copy isn’t used when you reinstall the app. Once you’ve deleted the app completely from your device, just these links to install a fresh copy of the app: Once again, reboot your Phantom 4 and try to start the DJI GO app to see if the issue has been resolved.

None of these fixes worked for me!

If none of the ‘quick’ fixes above worked for you there may be an issue with the firmware on your Remote Controller. To upgrade the firmware on the Phantom 4 remote controller please follow this guide.

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