DJI Spark Gesture Control Tutorial

DJI Spark Gesture Control Tutorial

A step by step guide on how to use the Gesture Control feature on the DJI Spark drone. Click here for easy to follow instructions, including screenshots.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2021

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The Spark hosts many features for such a small drone, one of the key features that makes the Spark so accessible is the gesture control feature this allows you to control the spark with hand movements. Here is how to perform these maneuvers with your Spark. Before you start make sure you have a clear area and there are no obstacles in your way. Make sure you have enabled gesture control in the app before you start. heliguy™ also recommends using your prop guards when using the drone in gesture modes to avoid injury.  

A guide to DJI Spark gesture controls:


How to use Palm Launch:

  1. Hold the Spark at arm's length from your face
  2. Make sure the camera is facing you
  3. Double click the power button on the rear of the aircraft
  4. When the front lights turn green release the aircraft and it will take off
  5. Once your drone is in flight raise your hand flat to face the drone and hold it there until the lights go green again
  6. Move your palm around to move the drone

How to use Away and follow:

  1. Follow procedures for a palm launch from 1-5
  2. Once your drone is in the air and you have it under palm control move your palm left to right 3 times, the drone should move back

How to use Selfie Mode:

  1. When drone is in flight raise both hands and make a picture frame (Shown Below)
  2. The drone will take a photo 3 seconds after you have made this gesture

How to use video mode:

  1. Face your drone and raise one of your arms at a 45°. Hold it in the air until the lights at the front flash red three times
  2. Once the red lights have stopped the red lights will flash quickly, this means your video has started

How to Beckon your Spark (Bring spark back):

  1. Face your drone and raise both hands in the shape of a Y
  2. Stand still and wait for your Spark to come back in front of you

How to Palm Land your Spark:

  1. Approach the drone and put the palm of your palm of your hand under the craft.
  2. Once the drone has landed turn the drone off.

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