UPDATE: DJI unveils beta phase of Qualified Entities Programme

UPDATE: DJI unveils beta phase of Qualified Entities Programme

DJI has added more drones to its Qualified Entities Programme, allowing public-safety personnel to conduct drone operations without restriction.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Beta phase of QEP.

Additional enterprise drones - including the new M200 V2 Series - can be unlocked through DJI's Qualified Entities Programme (QEP), which allows public-safety personnel to conduct drone operations without restriction.

Through the QEP, DJI will remove all domestic geofencing limitations and altitude limitations for enterprise aircraft.

This will allow users to fly in sensitive locations and at higher altitudes, in order to enable critical operations such as disaster response, firefighting, search and rescue, and other public-safety applications.

The DJI M210 The DJI M210.

A DJI statement said: "DJI is committed to supporting national, regional and local public safety agencies through enabling the full range of capabilities of our UAV products. These capabilities will serve operating scenarios in advanced, higher-risk applications.

"DJI is rolling out the QEP to minimise operational restrictions for public-safety partners that have been pre-verified.

"It is very important for public-safety entities, as it allows operators to deploy their aircrafts at any time, at any height and at any place, no matter whether there is a no-flight zone or not."

DJI says that it has improved the procedures of QEP application to make it more convenient for the end users and the beta phase launched earlier this month.

There is an application process to access QEP. National, regional, and local public safety agencies and entities must submit documentation and go through an application process with DJI. For more information, contact heliguy™ on 0191 296 1024 or complete the application form below.

As part of the beta version of the QEP, heliguy™ Insider has compiled a list of FAQs.

What is QEP?

QEP is a DJI initiative which allows public safety entities to unlock the DJI drone’s altitude and geofencing limitations, so that they can conduct their drone operations without restrictions. It is very important for public
safety entities, as it allows operators to deploy their aircrafts at any time, at any height and at any place, no matter whether there is a no flight zone (NFZ) or not.

Which entities can apply for the QEP?

Public Safety Entities (eg law enforcement, fire services, search and rescue, border control, coastguards, civil defence, etc.) across Europe.

Which DJI drones are eligible?

Enterprise series drones. As of March 2019, Matrice 200 Series (V1 and V2), Mavic 2 Enterprise, Phantom 4 RTK and Matrice 600 Pro drones.

What area will be unlocked?

Entity’s jurisdiction area.

What’s the process?

DJI’s local dealers will collect the interest and documentation from eligible users, to then provide it to DJI for further review and unlocking, if approved. DJI will inform the entity about unlocking and give them further guidelines on how to properly update their systems in order to get all restrictions removed.

How long does it take for the application to be approved and drones unlocked?

A maximum of 10 working days after receiving all the needed documentation to perform the unlock.

Is there a notification sent once the unlock process is finished?

Yes, the customer will receive an automatic email to the email address provided in the QEP Application Form.

Is there a need to provide DJI with a new serial number in case a drone was sent to repair?

Yes, if the drone’s flight controller was exchanged during the repair process.

What to do in case an unlocked drone was lost or stolen?

Inform DJI immediately by sending an email to qep.europe@dji.com

How long does the drone unlock stay valid?

Drones will be unlocked for a minimum of five calendar years. For example, if a customer applies for an unlock in April 2019, then the unlock will be granted until end of 2024.

Are there any requirements for the DJI account?

Yes. The DJI account needs to be created with an institutional email.

What documents do we need to prepare for the QEP application?

QEP Application Form, QEP Terms & Conditions, Authorisation letter on an official entity letterhead. All documents need to be signed and stamped by the head of the entity.

We have a new drone in our fleet, which was not included in our initial QEP application form. How can we unlock it as well?

Contact heliguy™ and provide following information: Product type and flight controller’s serial number on an official entity letterhead. To speed up the unlock process for the new drone, please also provide the Tracking Number included in the initial unlock confirmation email.

Where can I find the flight controller’s serial number?

Open the DJI Pilot or DJI Go4 application, go to General Settings and open the About page.

What is the process if the product has to be disposed or resold?

Please inform DJI by sending an email to qep.europe@dji.com and reinstall all NFZs before there is any change in title.

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