Freefly ALTA RTF Multirotor Released at NAB, Las Vegas

Freefly ALTA RTF Multirotor Released at NAB, Las Vegas

Freefly ALTA is announced by Freefly at NAB, Las Vegas. The Freefly ALTA is a Ready-To-Fly multi-copter which can carry cinema cameras such as Red Epic.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Freefly are going to have a busy NAB show in Las Vegas next week with the announcement of four new product releases for Spring 2015. The most awaited product is of course the new multi-rotor, that will take place of the Cinestar 8. Let me introduce you to the Freefly ALTA.

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Freefly ALTA Ready-To-Fly Multirotor

Freefly are unveiling the Freefly Alta multirotor aerial cinema platform to replace the Cinestar to support elite aerial cinematographers. Being able to fly professional cinema cameras are a big thing to some of our customers and Freefly have answered back with a ready to fly solution that will carry RED Epic, ARRI Mini amongst others that to capture the most dynamic and creative shots.

Release date: TBA RRP: £6,964 heliguy™ Deposit: £700

Freefly Alta RTF

    Courtesy of Vincent Laforet Courtesy of Vincent Laforet As a ready to fly solution, the Freefly ALTA unpacks in minutes and carries a 6.8kg payload. Which again is ideal solution as a Ready to Fly RED Epic flyer. The ALTA RTF multirotor will use the Freefly Synapse flight controller which ensures immense stability and versatility, also above all else safety. Freefly have also done something else pioneering. You now have the choice of mounting the camera to the top of the ALTA for those all important shots (we think this would be great for things like bridge inspections too!)

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Freefly ALTA with top mounted camera options Freefly ALTA with top mounted camera options Freefly ALTA RTF Mulicopter Freefly ALTA RTF foldable arms ALTA RTF foldable arms  

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