Delair UX11 to be sold via Heliguy

Delair UX11 to be sold via Heliguy

Heliguy in strategic partnership with Survey Solutions Scotland - the sole UK distributor for Delair UAV fixed-wing products - to offer the BVLOS Delair UX11.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

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Award-winning company heliguy™ has entered into a strategic partnering agreement with Survey Solutions Scotland - the sole UK distributor for Delair UAV fixed-wing products - to offer clients the long-range, BVLOS-ready Delair UX11.


This state-of-the-art UAV is a professional aircraft suitable for large-area mapping, with BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight)-ready capabilties and optional PPK (post-processed kinematic) for survey-grade results. 




And on Tuesday, a week after the partnership was agreed, heliguy™ invited the Iris Group to its test site in Northumberland to showcase the Delair UX11. Iris is looking for a fixed-wing solution for a major project - with high-accuracy requirements - in the Middle East. 


It was the first joint demonstration under the new partnership between heliguy™ and Survey Solutions Scotland and both companies are excited about working together.

Ruairi Hardman, Business Development Manager at heliguy™, said that it expands Heliguy's enterprise offering, opening the door for clients wanting to access a BVLOS-ready fixed-wing unmanned aircraft.

Ruairi said: “Heliguy is the UK leader in supporting industry with drone solutions, therefore we are delighted to form a strategic partnership with Survey Solutions Scotland, the sole UK distributor for Delair fixed-wing UAV solutions, to provide the world’s leading long-range UAV technology from Delair Tech. The partnership ensures we continue to develop future innovative capabilities for our customers, with the dedicated service they have come to expect from heliguy™ and Survey Solutions Scotland.”


Survey Solutions Scotland's programme for the UX11 is already well under way, having introduced it to geospatial and marine communities as well as mining, quarrying, agriculture, forestry and emergency sectors. The video below shows a 3D model mine, using data collected by the Delair UX11.


With heliguy™ onboard, Survey Solutions Scotland is looking forward to expanding its reach across the UK.

Nick Smart, Technical Sales Consultant, said: "The UX11 is proven in the field for carrying out surveys successfully and we look forward to further demonstrating the system and its advanced features, as different industries start to adopt the technology."


Map large areas faster

Cover 2.1km² (520 acres) with 1.7cm GSD (ground sample distance) at 122m flight height. The UX11, with a flight time of up to 59 minutes, has an industrial camera with optional PPK activation. Advanced features include in-flight photo viewing, quality assessment and adjustment.

BVLOS-ready communications

Mobile connectivity via 3G network (4G-ready) for unlimited range. Can be used in conjunction with radio for redundancy.

Precise birdlike takeoff and landing (BTOL)

Following an intuitive inbuilt checklist, the UX11 is hand-launched. The UX11 can land accurately (5x5m area) and safely with its unique deep stall landing function.

Delair Flight Deck

Easy-to-use Android mission planning and monitoring app - pre-flight checklist, no-fly zones, modern user interface, in-flight data review. Also, use Delar after-flight software (included) for PPK processing and to prepare raw data for any photogrammetry software.


Following the demonstration, Iris Group said that it was impressed with what it saw. Posting on Facebook, the company wrote this comment:

North of England-based heliguy™ is the UK’s leading drone expert, specialising in DJI products and serving the enterprise and commercial sectors. Operating from its HQ in North Shields, heliguy™ supplies clients around the world and offers expertise, repairs and training.

The company’s outstanding customer service and passion to develop the drone industry were recognised at this year’s North Tyneside Business Awards, when it was named the winner of the Retail and Service Provider category.

Established in 1993 and specialising in high-quality survey systems and solutions, Survey Solutions Scotland a Trimble Geospatial and Marine Distributor, have grown to become one of the largest independent dealers in the country.

Delair is a leader in professional UAVs, providing aerial-imagery-based data to help industries make informed decisions. Experts in both long-range UAV manufacturing and data processing, Delair delivers end-to-end solutions, from data acquisition to business analysis. The company is represented in more than 80 countries and has over 120 global employees with specialised solutions in various sectors, including agriculture, geomatics, transport, electric power, oil and gas, mining and security.

The Iris Group offers managed solutions into the robotics world, with a focus on airborne (unmanned) systems.


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