Introducing the Freefly Movi

Introducing the Freefly Movi

Freefly have announced the new Movi, a handheld mobile gimbal packed with Freefly's years of professional filmmaking experience.

Last updated: May 06, 2021

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Introducing the Freefly Movi Freefly Systems have just announced a new consumer product, the Movi. The Movi is a ‘cinema robot for mobile phones’ that allows you to create professional level stabilised video using a mobile device. It’s an extremely portable, easy to use and intelligent product that gives anyone the ability to create top quality videos. Its incredible stabilisation technology is made for action; use when running, climbing riding a bike and much more. Find out more about the Freefly Movi below. Freefly Movi

What You Need to Know

The Movi is packed full of the following great features:
  • Movi offers the same stabilised video technology found in Freefly’s professional rigs, in a much smaller and more portable package
  • Movi is easy to use and always ready to go. It has minimal setup so you’re always set to capture fantastic video
  • On its release, Movi is initially being released with a free iOS device app and is not compatible with Android. Android compatibility is expected after release. Even the widest phones up to 90mm can be mounted on the Movi
  • The Movi and app work together to create professional looking videos. Future app and firmware releases are planned to allow the Movi to develop over time
  • The app is packed with Shooting modes for the Movi. Find out more in the dedicated section below
  • A battery life of up to eight hours is available with light use of the Movi
  • Control the Movi with one or two hands or set it down on its flat rubber stand for all kinds of shots
  • Phones are connected via Bluetooth
  • ¼ inch mount is available for use with tripods, dashboard mounts and selfie sticks
The above impressive features allow the Movi to be used by anyone in a wide range of scenarios. Keep reading for information on the Shooting Modes available on the Movi. Freefly Movi

 Shooting Modes

The free Movi app is packed with Shooting Modes to help users capture stunning shots. The following modes are available on the Movi’s release: Majestic – The Majestic mode allows you to control the Movi to create smooth and cinematic footage or for chasing the action. Set a window where the Movi will ignore your movements or where your video will be stabilised to remove jerk. Echo – Echo mode allows you to pre-set the Movi’s endpoints, moves and duration, helping you create repeatable shots with automated camera movements. This is a great feature for a single operator as it helps capture complex shots. Timelapse – Create stunning timelapse shots by setting the start and end points and let Movi do the rest. Playback is recorded at 10x speed for a fast moving and smooth video. Movilapse – Slow the Movi’s movement by 10x for moving timelapse. When footage is played back you achieve a stabilised shot of the world going by. Orbit – Record a shot fixed on your subject with a set speed, direction and trigger action. Smartpod – In Smartpod mode, set a manual point and the Movi will be locked onto this position as you move. These modes are just a start for Freefly’s Shooting Modes. They will help users capture stunning stabilised video with ease. Freefly Movi

What’s in the Box

The Movi comes in a standard package with a super-flexible USB A-C cable, a rugged travel case and free iOS app download.


Movi is expected to start shipping early in the second quarter of 2018. The Movi is available through heliguy™ for a total price of £279.00 with a deposit of £49.00 to secure your order. When ordering through heliguy™, we will keep you up to date on your delivery date once confirmed. Freefly have also announced third-party accessories will also be available for use with the Movi and will be released shortly. Freefly Movi App


Freefly have clearly made an interesting step into the consumer market with the announcement of the Movi. It’s an interesting move when you consider that their previous products were made strictly for high-end filmmaking and had a price tag of thousands of pounds rather than hundreds. This product was clearly designed to take on DJI’s Osmo Mobile and it’s going to be interesting to see it stands up against it. DJI have the experience with creating products for both the consumer and professional market but can Freefly’s filmmaking passion give them some competition? We’ll have to wait until 2018 to find out.
To discuss the Freefly Movi or any Freefly or DJI product, please give one of our team a call on 0191 338 6392 or email us at
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