Link DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller with Aircraft

Link DJI Mavic Pro Remote Controller with Aircraft

A tutorial to link your remote controller with the DJI Mavic Pro aircraft. Includes screenshots and written steps. Click here to learn more.

Last updated: Mar 03, 2021

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You may find that from time to time you have an issue with your remote controller syncing with your DJI Mavic Pro. When you receive your quadcopter it should already be synced with the controller. In this tutorial, heliguy™ shows you how to successfully link the DJI Mavic Pro Controller with the Mavic aircraft.

How do I know if my remote is linked with the Mavic Pro aircraft?

The main symptom of an unlinked remote controller or mobile device is the flashing yellow light at the back of the craft.

What should I do before attempting to link the remote control to the aircraft?

  1. Ensure that all your devices are fully charged.
  2. Release the small flap on top of the Mavic’s remote controller and ensure that the mode is set to RC, not WiFi.Ensure Mavic Controller is set to RC mode
  3. Ensure your mobile device is fully charged.
You shouldn’t need to do anything else in preparation for linking your remote control and the aircraft.

How do I link my Mavic Remote Control and the Mavic Pro aircraft?

Simply follow the instructions below to link the controller and the aircraft:
  1. Connect the remote controller, and the mobile device you’re using, with an appropriate USB cable.
  2. Turn on your Remote Control and Aircraft.power-on-mavic-aircraftPower On Mavic Remote
  3. Launch the DJI Go app on your mobile device.Launch DJI Go App
  4. Press the blue ‘Camera’ button.Press Camera Button
  5. Select the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the settings menu.
  6. Then select the small blue remote control icon on the left-hand side of the menu.
  7. Now select the ‘Linking Remote Controller’ option within the settings menu.Select Link Mavic Remote
  8. Select whether this is a Master or Slave controller (usually Master) and press OK.Slave or Master Mavic Control
  9. You will now see a ‘Searching for Aircraft Frequency’ prompt appear on the screen.Mavic Searching for Aircraft Control
  10. Now with a small tool, press the link button on the side of the Mavic, just underneath the flap and above the red LED.Press Link Button on Mavic Aircraft
  11. Wait up to 60 seconds until a prompt is shown in the DJI GO app that confirms ‘Remote Controller Linked’.Mavic Controller Linked
That’s all there is to it! Your Mavic Pro is now linked with your Mavic Remote Control. For more tutorials and guides on the Mavic Pro please check out our Help page.

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