DJI And BYD Unveil 'World's First Vehicle-Mounted Drone'

DJI And BYD Unveil 'World's First Vehicle-Mounted Drone'

DJI partners with BYD to unveil the first vehicle-mounted drone. The YangWang U8 hybrid all-electric Chinese supercar can be equipped with the roof-mounted drone docking station, which supports battery charging and automatic landing.

Last updated: Feb 20, 2024

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First vehicle-mounted drone docking station.
  • DJI collaborates with BYD to create the YangWang U8 Super SUV - described as the world's first vehicle-mounted UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System); 
  • Optional docking station supports automatic charging and return to home;
  • Watch teaser video, offering a glimpse of this innovative concept.

World-leading drone company DJI and top-selling battery electric vehicle manufacturer BYD have partnered to unveil the world's first vehicle-mounted UAS. 

The YangWang U8 Super SUV is a cutting-edge all-electric supercar which can be equipped with an optional roof-mounted drone docking station to accommodate what appears to be a modified DJI Mavic 3 - as shown in the video below. 



The drone bay facilitates charging management and battery swapping, with up to three battery packs available.

The aircraft can be deployed and landed with one click via an internal, built-in screen: The drone will automatically land in the dock on return to home. 

Designed for capturing stunning HD aerial footage, the drone achieves high frame rates and low-latency image transmission.  

This innovative concept is the latest development in DJI's move into the vehicle industry. In 2021, DJI unveiled DJI Automotive – the new home for its autonomous self-driving car tech.

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