Upgrade Mavic Pro Firmware

Upgrade Mavic Pro Firmware

Tutorial to show you how to upgrade the firmware on your DJI Mavic Pro using your mobile device and the DJI GO app. Includes screenshots and steps.

Last updated: Mar 03, 2021

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DJI often release firmware updates for their products to fix bugs, improve functions and add features. The Mavic Pro is no different. The process to upgrade the firmware on your Mavic is made really easy thanks to the DJI Go App.

Before upgrading your Mavic’s firmware

  1. Download the very latest DJI Go App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Make sure your mobile device has a fully charged battery.
  3. Ensure that your phone or tablet is connected to the Internet.
  4. Ensure that your phone or tablet is connected to the aircraft and the remote controller.
  5. Finally, make sure that you have a fully charged Mavic aircraft and remote control.

Update Mavic Firmware with DJI GO app

To update the firmware on your Mavic Pro Aircraft please follow these steps:
  1. Launch the DJI Go app from your phone or tablet.Launch DJI GO App
  2. Click the ‘Upgrade Now’ button at the top right of the screen, highlighted in red.Click Update Firmware
  3. Click the blue ‘Download Now’ button to download the latest firmware directly from DJI.Mavic Pro - Click Download Now
  4. After the firmware file has finished downloading, click the blue ‘Start Update’ button that appears on the screen.Click Upgrade Now Button Mavic Pro
  5. Once the upgrade process has finished, you’ll be shown a prompt telling you so. Click the blue ‘Complete’ button at the bottom of the screen to finish the process.Click Complete Mavic Firmware Update
Then, to update the Mavic Pro controller, unplug the aircraft from your mobile device and plug your mobile device into the controller. Then repeat steps 1 – 5 above. Finally, please insert any other Mavic batteries you intend to use with your Mavic Pro and repeat the process for each battery. This is to ensure that the firmware is consistent across all batteries, aircraft and controllers to prevent any operation issues. Please don’t forget to visit our help page for more guides on common Mavic Pro issues.

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