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3 products

3 products

Drones for confined space inspections

Conduct safe and efficient inspections of critical assets with confined space inspection drones.

Deploy these solutions to access dangerous and difficult-to-reach locations.

Remote inspections remove the need to send people into hostile areas, and prevent costly and time-consuming rope access or scaffolding.

Confined space inspection drones minimise asset downtime - even removing the need to shut down critical infrastructure in some cases - and enable more frequent checks to spot defects earlier.

Accurate and repeatable drone data improves and streamlines asset management and maintenance and drives ROI.

Indoor and confined space inspection drones have a range of use cases, including monitoring nuclear facilities, power plants, lift shafts, underground tunnels, mines, sewage pipes and to check structural integrity after a fire.

Flybotix ASIO Indoor Inspection Drone

Conduct confined space inspections quicker, safer and cheaper

Flybotix ASIO is the complete indoor inspection drone, engineered to help you perform fast, efficient and safe inspections of your industrial assets.

This industry-leading caged drone offers a collision-proof solution to collect accurate data remotely from difficult-to-reach and hard-to-access locations.

ASIO benefits from an impressive flight time of 24 minutes: Providing greater endurance than other internal inspection drones to obtain more information during a single mission.

A versatile platform, ASIO has 4K & thermal sensors and operators can view the data in real-time via a live stream.

The ASIO’s suite of sophisticated features makes it a reliable tool to obtain actionable insights quicker and cheaper, while increasing safety standards.

It minimises downtime, enables the early identification of defects, removes the need for scaffolding or rope access, and allows for more frequent inspections.

ASIO can be deployed to inspect nuclear facilities, power plants, lift shafts, underground tunnels and to check structural integrity following a fire, among other use cases.

heliguy™ Mavic 2 Drone Cage

Compatible with the DJI Mavic 2 Series, the cage offers versatility for a range of jobs - whether it is utilising the 20MP camera on the Mavic 2 Pro, or capturing a range of thermal, zoom, and visual data with the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.

heliguy™ has built a lightweight and robust cage for the DJI Mavic 2 drone series, ideal for internal inspection, accessing hard-to-reach areas, and enhancing flight safety.

Designed by our in-house R&D team, this new product is a collision-proof solution to maximise data collection and missions in hostile places and confined areas.

It is an affordable entry to the market, offering a more cost-effective solution compared to other caged drones.