RTK Base Stations and RTK/GNSS/GPS Receivers

Emlid RTK GNSS Receivers

Surveying Equipment with centimetre accuracy
    6 products

    6 products

    Emlid Reach GNSS Receivers

    Centimetre accurate GNSS RTK and PPk Receivers and Modules

    Emlid manufactures cost-effective and accurate GNSS RTK and PPK receivers and modules, suitable for high-precision surveying.

    Emlid’s out-of-the-box solutions are designed for experienced and beginner surveyors and can be used for drone mapping, land surveying, precise agriculture, bathymetry, machinery guidance and archaeology.

    Emlid RTK receivers and modules obtain corrections over LoRa radio, Bluetooth, or NTRIP. Collect points, use the stakeout option, and export data in industry-standard formats.

    They provide users with centimetre precision and high accuracy in their collected data with a stable fix solution.

    GNSS Receivers for RTK and PPK

    RTK & PPK Surveying Receivers and Modules

    GNSS Receivers are the core product for satellite GPS positioning. They convert signals from visible satellites into a position on earth.

    They are essential for conducting high-precision surveying and Emlid’s receivers work with signals from all the main satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS. They also accept data from BeiDou, QZSS, Galileo.

    Emlid has two industry-leading receivers for surveying, mapping and navigation.

    Emlid Reach RS+ & RS2 Receivers

    The Emlid Reach RS2 is a multi-band RTK GNSS receiver, while the Emlid Reach RS+ is a single-band RTK GNSS receiver. Both can be used in conjunction with the ReachView 3 app, which offers simple data collection via a smartphone or tablet.

    The core difference between the two is that single-band receivers only work with one frequency, while multi-band receivers fetch several frequency bands. This in turn can determine their performance in the field.

    Emlid Reach M+ & M2 Modules

    Emlid Reach GNSS modules enable centimeter accuracy in RTK and PPK for high-precision drone mapping with less GCPs.

    The Reach M2 is a multi-band module affording a baseline of up to 60km, while the Reach M+ is a single-band module with a baseline of up to 20km.

    Both can be used in conjunction with the ReachView 3 app, which offers simple data collection via a smartphone or tablet.

    Emlid Extras & Ancilliaries

    Trial Emlid Reach RTK GNSS receivers before you buy with with heliguy™ rentals.

    Emlid also design extendable surveying poles for their RS & RS2 receiver ranges which can be bought seperately.