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GeoSLAM LiDAR Scanners

Mobile 3D LiDAR Mapping

GeoSLAM’s handheld LiDAR scanners are simple, cost-effective solutions for rapidly mapping any environment.

Utilising SLAM technology, the GeoSLAM ecosystem enables accurate, go-anywhere 3D mobile mapping, especially in complex and enclosed spaces, without the need for GPS.

Collect data on foot, underground, indoors or in the air using drone technology.

GeoSLAM’s LiDAR scanners enable rapid mobile mapping: Capture and model data up to 10 times faster than static or traditional survey techniques.

A user-friendly solution, the system requires minimal training, with no need to be a surveyor.

GeoSLAM LiDAR Ecosystem

Versatile, end-to-end LiDAR mapping workflow

GeoSLAM has an expansive ecosystem of scanners, accessories and software to facilitate end-to-end LiDAR mapping.

Choose between the ZEB Go, ZEB Revo RT and ZEB Horizon handheld mobile scanners. A versatile LiDAR scanner, the ZEB Horizon can also be used with a drone or car mounted.

GeoSLAM has a vast accessory ecosystem to maximise data collection, such as the ZEB Discovery (backpack solution for ZEB Horizon); ZEB Locate (georeference point clouds with the ZEB Horizon); and ZEB Pano (add 360° panoramic photography to point clouds with ZEB Go, ZEB Revo RT and ZEB Horizon).

Or add point cloud colouristion with ZEB Vision (for ZEB Horzion) or ZEB Cam (for ZEB Go and ZEB Revo RT).

Transform your data into actionable insights with GeoSLAM’s software suite, including GeoSLAM Connect and Draw. GeoSLAM Connect comes with the GeoSLAM sensors and automatically creates clean, georeferenced point clouds. GeoSLAM Draw is a bolt-on software which comes in configured industry packages for point cloud enhancement and further analysis.

GeoSLAM Zeb Go vs Zeb Revo RT vs Zeb Horizon

ZEB Go ZEB Revo RT ZEB Horizon
Summary Handheld laser scanning for everyone. Scan, process and track your progress as you go. The ultimate mobile mapping tool.
Points per second 43,000 43,000 300,000
Number of sensors 1 1 16
Relative accuracy 1 - 3cm (environment dependent) Up to 6mm (when processing in GeoSLAM Connect V2) Up to 6mm (when processing in GeoSLAM Connect V2)
Range 30 metres 30 metres 100 metres
Processing Post Real time Post;
Real-time data preview can be done with the ZEB Horizon RT (available separately)
IP Rating IP 64 IP 54 IP 54
Colourised point cloud Yes (when used with ZEB Cam accessory) Yes (when used with ZEB Cam accessory) Yes (when used with ZEB Vision accessory)
Intensity No No Yes
Can it be drone mounted No No Yes
GeoSLAM Accessory Compatibility ZEB Cam: For colourised point clouds.
ZEB Pano: Add 360° panoramic photos to scans.
ZEB Pole: Elevate your device into ceiling voids.
ZEB Cradle: Lower your device into shafts.
ZEB Cam: For colourised point clouds.
ZEB Pano: Add 360° panoramic photos to scans.
ZEB Pole: Elevate your device into ceiling voids.
ZEB Cradle: Lower your device into shafts.
Backpack - Protection and easy transportation

ZEB Vision: For colourised point clouds.
ZEB Pano: Add 360° panoramic photos to scans.
ZEB Pole: Elevate your device into ceiling voids.
ZEB Cradle: Lower your device into shafts.
UAV Mount: Flexible airborne integration.
Car Mount: Flexible urban scanning.
ZEB Discovery: Ultra-high definition imagery
ZEB Locate: Georeferenced points clouds.

What Is SLAM?

Benefits of SLAM surveying and mapping

SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) is an innovative method of on-the-go mapping, building a map and providing locational data simultaneously.

SLAM does not require GPS and is a highly mobile mapping technique, meaning there is no need to remain static while scanning and enables surveyors to map an unknown environment as they go.

Read the Guide to SLAM Surveying

GeoSLAM Industry Applications

How mobile LiDAR mapping can help your jobsite.


High-accuracy mapping of underground mines and quarries and detailing inventory of stockpiles.

Facilities / Asset Management

Condition reports, modelling, asset identification and investigating changes over time.


Scan to BIM (Building Information Modelling): Capture a space and turn it into a digital model that can be used for planning, monitoring or managing the built environment and shared with stakeholders.

Surveying & Real Estate

Fast scanning to create inventory databases, floorplans and DTMs (Digital Terrain Models).


Forestry management and inventory, historical buildings for preservation and condition management.

Security, Public Safety & Forensic

Pre-active planning, emergency response, forensics and accident reconstruction. Knowing the layout of a building helps to reduce first responder times by up to 25% and is critical for keeping crews safe.

GeoSLAM: Data Processing

GeoSLAM Connect & Draw or third-party software

GeoSLAM'S laser scanners have been been engineered for flexibility. Process your data through GeoSLAM Connect and/or Draw, or take your point cloud to new places with a range of industry-leading third-party software.

GeoSLAM Connect and Draw is a comprehensive software suite that provides an end-to-end scan-to-plan workflow, transforming your data into actionable information and valuable deliverables.

GeoSLAM Connect comes as standard with the GeoSLAM ZEB Go, ZEB Revo RT and ZEB Horizon. Use this package to create clean, georeferenced point clouds automatically.

GeoSLAM Draw is an optional add-on software, designed to further enhance points clouds. A range of industry-specific packages are available.

Third-party software integrations

The following third-party software packages are compatible with GeoSLAM's laser scanners:

  • Autodesk Navisworks
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Bentley ContextCapture
  • Bentley Microstation
  • Bentley Orbit
  • Deswik
  • Esri
  • Micromine
  • MineRP
  • Pointfuse
  • Pointerra
  • SketchUp
  • Terrasolid
  • Veesus Arena4D
  • Unreal Engine
  • Floorplanner

GeoSLAM LiDAR Scanners FAQs

Answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Can I use my ZEB Cam for Horizon alongside the ZEB Vision?

No. The ZEB Vision uses both of the AUX connection ports on the sides of the ZEB Horizon scanner. Therefore it isn’t possible to connect the ZEB Vision and ZEB Cam to the scanner at the same time.

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