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what is heliguy™ Learning Management System?

Online drone training UK.

heliguy™ Learning Management System is a comprehensive online drone training platform and industry resource hub - giving you the chance to access on-demand content and learn at your own pace, wherever and whenever you like.

The dedicated e-learning portal is packed with tailored content to help drone training candidates become fully-qualified remote pilots and unlock their aircraft's true potential. 

heliguy™ Learning Management System takes all the benefits of our traditional classroom-based Ground School courses and transforms it into a digestible format. 

Candidates are able to book onto the A2 CofC and GVC courses through the Learning Management System and sit the theory exams remotely. 

As an industry resource hub, heliguy™ Learning Management System also features a wealth of value-added learning content to help drive remote pilot competency and expand skill sets - including tutorials, product discounts, and additional industry courses, such as a drone photography course, and a drone surveying course.    

Having trained a substantial number of pilots, HELIGUY.com™ is a CAA-approved National Qualified Entity (NQE) and Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) 

What Are The Advantages Of Online Training?

Online Benefits Include:

  • Unique Blend Of Training Content: Our dedicated training material has been specially built for an effective online learning experience. The easily-accessible syllabus is brought to life in an engaging way through a blended learning approach, consisting of pre-recorded videos, task sheets, coursework, quizzes, and webinars. This means that the media can be watched on multiple occasions and the learning material can be downloaded for an effective, thorough and convenient educational experience.  
  • On-demand Content: One of the major advantages of conducting drone training online is that the content can be accessed on-demand. Candidates can also go at their own pace and learn at their own convenience. 
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Take advantage of live and interactive training support from our expert instructors, who will be on the other end of a video stream to navigate candidates through the course, offer valuable support, and answer questions in real-time.
  • Available Across Multiple Platforms: Download the app and enjoy learning on the move. With our cloud platform, switch to another device and continue your training.  
  • Access Anywhere In The World: heliguy™ Learning Management System is an online learning portal, so this means that you can train and access the content from anywhere in the world.  
  • Be Part Of An Online Community: Benefit from being part of a virtual online community with your fellow cohort of e-learning course candidates.
  • Safety First: In these unprecedented times of isolation, a virtual classroom provides a safe and secure learning environment.
  • Cheaper And Convenient Alternative: Drone training allows you to learn wherever and whenever you like. This cuts down on travel and accommodation costs associated with traditional residential-style classroom-based courses and means you do not need to spend time away from loved ones or take time off work. 
  • Additional Learning: heliguy™ Learning Management System members can also access bonus material to take their learning further, such as additional industry courses, tutorials, exclusive discounts, the latest drone news and regulation changes, podcasts, and Operations Manual renewals. 
  • Aftercare Support: We've got your back. Our training team maintains contact with all our candidates long after they've obtained their qualification and provide continual support via email and telephone and through the Learning Management System. 

"Heliguy Learning Management System is our online training resource for the quickly evolving drone industry. Our remote online training hub provides a flexible learning solution and we believe that online training is the future, providing numerous benefits for course candidates. However, the Learning Management System is more than just an online training platform. We want our candidates to continue to develop their professional knowledge and capabilities throughout their career using Unmanned Aircraft Systems so we are taking our candidates beyond the standard syllabus and providing additional value-added learning to ensure our candidates receive the very best training available."               

Ben Shirley, Head of Training at HELIGUY.com™ 

which drone training courses are available?

Complete your A2 CofC and GVC with the Heliguy Learning Management System

Digital learning for a new generation of drone pilots

heliguy™ Learning Management System is a drone training platform for the new A2 CofC and GVC courses, introduced as part of new UK drone laws, due to start on December 31, 2020. These courses are available to book and you can begin your learning today. 

For an in-depth comparison between the A2 CofC and GVC, and to identify which is the best training course for you, click here, or watch the videos below.

Value-added Learning Courses

Take your learning further

To help drone pilots make the most of their aircraft and to help them build a successful commercial drone career, heliguy™ Learning Management System will feature a wealth of additional drone industry training packages. Some of these courses will be free, but others will need to be paid for.  

Our training team is currently building these courses with experts in each field, but the courses are set to include: 

Free Courses

  • Basics of Drone Photography
  • Mapping and Surveying Fundamentals
  • Night Operations
  • New Pilot Course
  • Basics of Drone Videography

Paid Courses

  • Fundamentals of Thermography
  • GVC Fixed Wing Conversion Course
  • Social Media Marketing Course

HELIGUY.com™ will provide more details and booking information about these courses in due course. Check back for updates. To register your interest in a course, click the button below. 

exclusive heliguy™ LMS partner discounts      

Money off for candidates.

Unlock Discounts To Aid Your Drone Operations

As part of the heliguy™ Learning Management System, we are pleased to have partnered with other retailers and service providers to make purchasing equipment to support your drone operations that little bit cheaper.

Check out our exclusive discounts for HELIGUY.com™ candidates below:


SOARIZON is the all-in-one digital drone planning platform that allows you to manage your drone operations in a fast, efficient and compliant manner.

You can sign up and start using SOARIZON for free, and upgrade to take advantage of extra features as your business grows.

HELIGUY.com has teamed up with SOARIZON to offer a 20% discount on SOARIZON's Elevate plan, usually £25 per month, which includes advanced features for growing drone businesses such as collaboration with others to share and assign missions.


Simply put - you'll be more effective in your drone operations.

Just some of the features that SOARIZON offers commercial drone pilots are:

  • Unlimited missions
  • Airspace intelligence
  • 3D Airspace Visualisation
  • Ordnance Survey Maps
  • Digital Risk Assessment Toolkit
  • Flight logging and equipment management


You can sign up for FREE at soarizon.io and start using the platform straight away.

To claim your exclusive discount for SOARIZON Elevate, simply log into your Black Box training account and access the partner discounts section, where you'll find a link to claim your offer.


Safelincs supplies more than 3,500 fire safety products and fire safety services - offering a tailored solution for each customer. 

Fire safety equipment is critical in mitigating the risk posed by Lithium Polymer Batteries in a drone. 

HELIGUY.COM™ has teamed up with Safelincs to offer training candidates 10% off their Safelincs order.


Pooleys supplies a wide range of products for drone operators, such as CAA-approved charts, UAV-branded hi-vis jackets, landing pads, and more.
Over the years, Pooleys has become a well-respected name in the aviation industry, not just in the UK but globally, as a leading manufacturer and publisher of aviation, pilot training and flight equipment.

HELIGUY.COM™ has teamed up with Pooleys to offer training candidates 5% off at Pooleys.

why choose heliguy for drone training?

99.6% of our candidates would recommend us for training

Access Lifetime Support 

Heliguy's expert training team has led tuition for a substantial number of drone pilots, including operators from major companies and organisations such as Balfour Beatty, the BBC, Network Rail, Manchester City FC, Sellafield Sites, and Derbyshire Police. The team is also accredited to deliver Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training courses.

A total of 99.6% of heliguy™ candidates would recommend our drone training to a friend or colleague.

Our training team maintains contact with our candidates after they have obtained their qualification, and provides continual support via email, telephone and the Learning Management System.

With more than a decade of experience, heliguy™ prides itself on being a one-stop-shop provider and a leading authority in the drone industry. This means that our experienced team can support every step of your drone journey, from training through to offering a vast inventory of hardware, spares and specialist parts; drone rental and leasing; DJI-authorised drone repair; and creating innovative and bespoke solutions through our R&D department.

Candidate Feedback And Reviews

 Candidates Share Their Views Of Learning Through heliguy™ Learning Management System

"One of the best courses I have done"

"The online training is one of the best courses I have ever done, and I have done a few. It is up to you how quickly you want to learn, but the thought process and the attention to detail on the online course was fantastic.  When I attended the Flight Test, yes I was nervous, but was made to feel at ease very quickly. I would highly recommend heliguy™ for the online training course. The fact they actually talk to you on the phone, and when you need to ask a question they are there for you."  Charlotte Graham.

"Highly recommended - 10/10"

"The video and remote exam was great and easy to understand – also demonstrating how adaptable heliguy™ is given the current pandemic. The examiner clearly explained how the remote exam process was going to work, and what was expected of me. We also had a great and informative Q&A at the end, where I could ask some questions about other courses heliguy™ offers, and how to update my Operations Manual going forward. Very helpful and constructive experience – highly recommended. 10/10."  James D’Arcy Bean.

"Great online A2 CofC training course"

"Great online A2 CofC training course supported by videos and the handbook. Appreciate the ability to repeat training sections if needed, and to self-assess progress and understanding by the online section quizzes. Well set up and briefed online theory exam, with the personal touch as no classroom sessions available. A pleasant learning experience with the heliguy™ Training Team." Chris Caswell.

"I listened to the training podcasts while jogging"

"Halfway through the heliguy™ A2 CofC and I’m absolutely delighted with the online course. It is top class, laid out in such a way, breaking down the course into modules. Loved the videos and podcasts that take you through this process. I’ve spoken to the trainers many times with questions and they took the time to answer them. One of the memories that will stick with me will be listening to one of the training podcasts, while getting my daily jogging exercise."  JC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions About Online Drone Training - Answered

Will my Heliguy.com account work with heliguy™ Learning Management System?

No, they are entirely separate systems and candidates will be required to register separately on the Learning Management System to their Heliguy.com account.

Is the heliguy™ Learning Management System free?

Yes, people can join heliguy™ Learning Management System for free and access some of the content. To create a new account, click here. However, the A2 CofC and GVC courses, as well as some of the additional industry courses, require a separate charge to unlock the course content.

What are the advantages of conducting online drone training?

There are many advantages to completing your drone training online. The heliguy™ Learning Management System allows you to access on-demand content, wherever and whenever you like, allowing a flexible and convenient learning experience. Furthermore, you can re-watch and download learning material to enable you to learn at your own pace. 

Online drone training means that I will be learning remotely. Does that mean I will be learning alone, without the help of the HELIGUY.com™ instructors?

Not at all. Yes, online drone training does mean that you can learn the course syllabus remotely, but you will not be alone because the HELIGUY.com™ training team will be on hand to help you. Our expert training team will be available to give live and interactive training support, navigate you through the course, and answer your questions. 

How can I sit the A2 CofC or GVC theory exam remotely?

Candidates training online can sit the exam remotely using a webcam to maintain virtual exam conditions.