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DJI AeroScope Portable
DJI AeroScope Portable
DJI AeroScope Portable
DJI AeroScope Portable
DJI AeroScope Portable

DJI AeroScope Portable

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Full Description

DJI AeroScope

Portable Drone Detection

Thanks to increased consumer and commercial drone use around the world, DJI have come up with a simple to use, but effective drone detection solution.

AeroScope allows the operator to detect drones in a given airspace, see flight telemetry information and make more informed security decisions.

If you have sensitive airspace that needs to be protected on a temporary basis, the DJI AeroScope Portable is a great choice.

Deploy it in a matter of moments to protect the airspace within a 5km radius of your portable unit. No internet connection is needed and hot-swappable TB50 batteries mean you can use your AeroScope Portable continuously if needed.

DJI Aeroscope FAQs

DJI AeroScope Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a DJI Aeroscope API or SDK available for developers?

Developers looking to create integrations for the DJI Aeroscope platform can license the SDK for use in their products.

The Aeroscope SDK is a Software Development Kit that provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help users build a server with an aeroscope unit.

Product Specification

AeroScope Portable Specs

Model Number


IP Rating

IP54 (When case is closed)

Electromagnetic Compatibility

This equipment meets electromagnetic compatibility requirements and also meets below criteria:
EN 55032: 2015
EN 55024: 2010+A1:2015
EN 61000-3-2: 2014
EN 61000-3-3: 2013
United States:
47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B:2016

Power Consumption

Approximately 70W

Input Voltage

Voltage range: 100V AC ~ 240V AC

Operating Temperature Range

-20° to 40° C
(-4° to 104° F)

Recommended Storage Temperature

22°C to 30° C
(71.6° to 86° F)

Relative Humidity

5% to 100%

Absolute Humidity

1 g/m3 - 30 g/m3

Atmospheric Pressure

70 kPa - 106 kPa

Dimensions (without antennas)

405 mm (D) X 327 mm (W) X 175 mm (H)


8.5 kg

Supported Aircraft

Phantom series
Inspire series
Mavic series
Spark series

Battery Model

TB50 (4280mAh, 22.8V)

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